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Honor & Arms
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The ground shook from the impact of the cannon ball, Napoleon's foot falls.  He
walks among us, a giant among men.  His might and vision shook the world and
changed it forever.

Join us as we delve into history, and fight the battles of the 19th century.  

This game can be played as a campaign (where all nations participate for control
of the world) or used to re-enact specific battles of history.  
Join us at Area 51 each month as we battle for control of the world.  Choose your Nation, grab your gear and face your
opponent in this campaign.  

All you need to participate is your chosen Nations' army in 10mm, some d6 dice, and your enthusiasm.  

Basing is 20x40: Units, 13cm round: Generals, and 30x40: Pesant Units.  Games are played on a 4'x4' space. to play on,
a couple of dice, and your painted AA Minis!  What better way to enjoy gaming than a campaign.
Honor & Arms FAQ: (If you have a question and need an answer simply email me and I'll get
the answer posted here.
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