Warmaster is a game of conflict on a grand scale, fought over an area of ground that we might
imagine to be many miles square. Although our models are approximately 10mm high this should
not be taken as a literal representation of scale when it comes to the size of the battlefield.  This is
Grand Tactical Wargaming at its best!

This is the Area 51 Warmaster Campaign Home Page.  Here you'll find download resources and
information pertaining to the campaign.  It's a simple point driven campaign instead of a fixed
army list one.  We think this makes it easier to participate in.  We hope you'll join us for the
Downloads for Warmaster.  Simply click on an image to open the pdf.  Then save it to your computer.
Rules for the Campaign
GW's Specialist Catalogue
(Warmaster begins on page 80)
Army Lists
Warmaster Rules
Living Rule Book
This is the rules we use for the
Warmaster Living Rule Book
Warmaster Living Rule Book
Reference Sheet
Warmaster Trial Armies
E-Fanzine Warmuster #1
Original Rule Book
(Not used in Campaign)
Original Rule Book Part 2
(Not used in Campaign)
Original Rule Book Rules Update
(Not used in Campaign)
                                   Games Workshop Mags with info on the old Mighty Empires
                                     (Not used in our campaign, just listed here for reference)

White Dwarf:
#130) Introduction to WFB's campaign system
#131) Mighty Empires: Wizard's Towers for ME
#132) Wilderness Locations: Necropolises for ME
#133) Mighty Empires: Pirate Ships & Bridges ME
#135) Agents Etc: Spying & battle results for ME
#155) Mighty Empires: rules for Wilderness locs, Mines etc.
#163) Warhammer Campaigns: using ME to link WFB battles
#163) Mighty Empires and the New Warhammer

Citadel Journal:
#3) Forgotten Lands: new tiles and rules for their use for ME
#3) Love Thy Neighbour: new race rules for ME
#3) We Bring Greetings, Sire: rules expansion for diplomacy in ME
#4) Blimey! Who Put That There? expanded Wilderness locations for ME
#5) Great Walls and Frontier Fortifications: rules expansion for the frontier
Changes to these rules for our
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