How the Campaign Works
The engines of war roll out and the world is consumed with destruction.  Watch as
the players at Area 51 combat for supremacy in this Warmaster - Mighty Empires
Driven - Campaign.

Be here for the wrap up and picks!
     Welcome to the Area 51 Warmaster Campaign.  This campaign uses the Mighty Empire Engine as the vehicle to
perform the campaign.  There are some exceptions as you'll see later.  
The Campaign at a Glance
 This campaign uses the 2007 Mighty Empire tiles to create the beautiful map that
will be played on.  The nice thing about these tiles is that by adding magnetic
strips to the back of the tiles you can attach them to a piece of metal hanging on
the wall.  And then use a wet erase board to keep track of conflicts, battles
won/lost, army points remaining and a great many other things.  The original tiles
were nice but the 2007 tiles are much nicer.  The 2007 Rules suck so don't use
them.  We'll be using the 1990 Edition of the Rules (see download section) for the
 Each player starts with two tiles chosen at random from the tile pack, you'll roll 1d6 to determine what tiles you begin
Then they place their Capitol City where they want on the map (an outline of the tiles has been created to show
you where to place tiles, simply choose a hex and place your tile there).  One of the tiles is your Capitol City the other is
your province.  This is where you begin your conquest of the world from.
There are 12 turns in a year, each turn signifying one month.  Each move is equal to one month.  In the campaign you
can move up to nine times before winter sets in and affects your army.  You could move and attack in Winter but you
don't want to move in Winter, your army takes losses and it makes it harder for you to win battles.  We're
allowing Winter movement and battles but your army might not make it through the winter so be ware you don't end up
with no army in the Spring!
Adding new Tiles:
  When you add a tile to the map you'll obviously want to find out what's in it and most likely add that region to your
empire.  After all you're trying to conquer the world!  
To find out what is in the new tile you'll perform a Scouting Roll
per the Mighty Empire Rules.  If the tile is occupied you'll have to conquer that territory!

Conquering Territory:
  Territory not owned by a Player is Non-Player Territory.  To take that territory you simply follow the "On Paper"
format listed in Mighty Empires for taking the territory.  
We're following the "On Paper" combat system to speed things
up.  You'll have to perform "On Paper" battles
for territory you add to the map, or any territory without another Player's
Flag on it
(that contains a Non-Player Army).  When the territory you want to conquer is another player's territory
you'll face off and use the Warmaster Rules!  This is where it gets exciting!  

Phil died, how do I recruit someone to take his place?
After every battle (PvP or NPC) you'll have taken casualties.  Under the Mighty Empires Rules you'd be able to use
Gold Crowns you accumulate
during the Winter Season (as a result of territory conquest) to purchase new troops.  For
the most part this is not true under this campaign.  Although we are allowing a very limited exchange of
under this campaign (See Mighty Empires Changes/Exceptions book in the download section).
 Your main influx of troops comes mainly from the Winter Recruiting.  E
ach year during the first month of Winter (aka
Turn 10) 800 points of men filter into your army.  They are your new recruits.  
You can add them to any Banner under
your command.  If your Banner 6 is low and needs bolstering then add them there.  The 800 points can be divided up
or spent how ever you see fit.  You must spend all the points every season.  As we don't keep track of what units are in
a Banner you'll simply add the points to the chosen banner, and wha-la! You've got new troops.

How Else can I obtain new troops?
    Every Victory Condition (aka VC) you achieve during a Player vs. Player game converts to an equal number of
Victory Points (VP).  You keep track of your VP through the campaign.  You may use your VP to
purchase new
for your army.  
How is this done?
     It is simple, you loose or deduct 1 VP permanently from your Campaign VP Total and then you gain 100 points to
add to any Banner.  These points must be fully spent and do not carry over although you may add them, in any
increment, to any Banner.

FNGs - New Recruits
(a summation):
    It's fairly simple, we're following the Mighty Empire Rules, except During the Winter you don't use your Gold
to Recruit.  Each year you get an infusion of 800 points of new Recruits.  You're fame is drawing them to you.
 What can use to buy your new Recruits is your Victory Conditions you accumulate for facing off against other Players.
We're doing this because we don't want this Campaign to be about grabbing land.  We want it to be about great battles
against other players.
 Also each Village and Fortress you own gives you an additional 50 Points, each City gives you 75
points, and your Capitol City gives you 100 points.  
    For example: Year 1: Turn 10:  I have my Capitol City, two cities and a fortress under my control.  Therefore I
gain, on Turn 10, 1100 points to add to my Banners.  I have also played two Player vs Player Battles and have achieved
6VP (I met 6 Victory Conditions).  I could turn those 6VP into an additional 600 points if I chose to do so.
   What can you do in winter?  You gain money, and spend it!  During the Winter you'll plot against your enemies, do
Diplomatic missions, Raised Tiles will be tested for Recovery, you'll be able to build Fortresses and Ships (if we decide
to use Ships... that part is still TBD), buy Baggage, and perform Espionage: Where you buy (using Gold Crowns
obtained through the Mighty Empires system) Assassins, Spies, Agents, and Saboteurs.
 You can also continue battling
and conquering territory.  See Campaign FAQ for Winter combat summation (it didn't make it into the modified rules).

Equinox Spells:
  Twice a year your Grand Wizards will be able to (Turn 1 and Turn 10) cast the Equinox Spells.  The Spring Spell
(Turn 1) and the Autumn Spell (Turn 10).  These spells can be a boone to you, a bane to your enemy, or sometime
they are awesome to behold.  

Magick Items:
  You'll be able to use magic items in your army when you face off against another player.  Simply follow the
Warmaster rules.  After the battle consider that the magic item is placed back in the castle for safe keeping.  There is no
need to keep track of what you purchased for a PvP battle.

My Army:
  As you can see it's fairly simple.  You move out into the world, conquering NPCs using paper battles, and
conquering PCs using table top battles.  This campaign isn't about wiping other players off the face of the map, but that
too can be part of this campaign (no army... you're outta here).  No this is about having the largest army and most
after 6 years.  If you have the largest army and most V
ictory Points at the end of 6 years you win!

Hope to see you soon!

- Karl Pajak / Warmaster - Mighty Empires : Campaign GM
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