Area 51 Warmaster Campaign FAQ
When armies collied, treaties are made after the battles are done.
Blood has been spilt and there isn't a one
Person that wasn't affected, except perhaps for Chaos
They just don't care.
- Attrib to Lumb the Mad
Warmaster Campaign FAQ!
Q: Can we battle in Winter?
A: Yes a Banner may battle during Turn 10, 11, and 12.  However, you only gain 600 points of influx.  You do not get
them until the beginning of your upcoming Turn 1.  You also only get the additional points from Cities and your Capitol
City.  The armies weren't around to inspire your people to sign up.  And finally, Banners in combat during the Winter
Months (Turn 10, 11, and 12) must roll on the Winter Retreat Chart unless they have 2 Baggages Per Banner in combat
during each of the Turn 10, 11, and 12.  Eg. I have two banners in combat during Turn 10, it takes 4 Baggage to
support them.  If I don't have that baggage then you must roll on the Winter Retreat Chart at the end of each turn.  
Also if you loose your battle you must immediately retreat to a tile you control, AND roll on the Winter Retreat Chart,
AND that Banner must have 2 Baggage to Support it or it looses 200 points of troops, AND that banner's season is
finished.  So as you can see it isn't wise to fight during the Winter.

Q: How are the Undead Forces affected by Winter?
A: They are not affected by the Winter Season.  They are dead.  

Q: Can the Undead attack other Players during the winter season?
A: Yes, they may attack other Players in the open; normal PvP battle, other Players in Villages/Cities/Fortress; normal
PvP Siege, or NPC in cities; normal "On Paper" battles for the tile.  
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