Area 51 Events:
NOTICE: We have decided to modify our standard event schedule.  Please take note of the
updated Standard Schedule.  Changes will be in this color.  Thank you.

We are pleased to announce a standardized game schedule.  There has been so much activity
and so many games being played we needed to go to a standard schedule for some of the
games.  There will continued to be rotating and unique games so check the schedule!

1st Saturday
Session 1: 10-3pm : Flintloque (aka Jamie's day)
Session 2: Area 51 Warmaster Campaign.  This is the day everyone in the campaign needs to
be at Area 51 to make their moves.  You have the rest of the month to arrange any battle.

2nd Saturday:
Session 1 10-3ish: Frontline Games' Zombie Daze
Session 2 4-Close: 51st Color Guard (Area 51 Paint Club)

3rd Saturday:
All day: Vance's Campaign Day.  Currently we are running Honor & Arms (10mm Napoleonics)

4th Saturday:
Session 1 10-5: Warmaster Campaign Battles
Session 2 5-Close: 51st Color Guard

5th Saturday:
Event determined on 4th Saturday.

Non-Standard Event Dates (These take precedence over the Fixed events):
May 17-19 Texicon.  Visit Texicon's website:

If you'd like to GM or get involved just drop me a line:

- Karl
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