[3132] Had this world formed around a different star, experts believed that Vega VII could have been a
paradise. When first discovered in the earlier days of mankind's exploration of the stars, Vega was something of a
surprise, sporting vast mineral and metallic resources as well as an ocean of drinkable water, habitable temperate
and polar zones, and an atmosphere that could be readily terraformed. Within fifty years after its discovery and
the arrival of the first settlers, mostly from mining corporations and other industrial enterprises, Vega was a living,
breathing world, albeit a warm and dry one. By the time of the Draconis Combine's ascendance, Vega was home
to a variety of light and medium industries, producing everything from personal computers to armored vehicle
components and advanced medical equipment. Strict adherence to local pollution laws allowed the industries to
thrive without damaging the terraforming efforts to clean up the native atmosphere, which allowed for the
importing of off-world life-forms such as Terran horses and camels, favored modes of transportation among the
Vegans. Because of its industrial importance, House Kurita established Vega as a regional capital world, and it
served as a military base many times during various wars over the years.

Unfortunately, this distinction led to several raids by forces from the nearby Lyran Commonwealth, and even
today the Vegan landscape is dotted with bombed-out cities and factories from bygone eras. Vega's single,
shallow ocean, Nilos, appears from orbit as little more than a crisscrossing of extremely large rivers that divide the
planet's surface into three giant landmasses. The largest continent, South Nanturo, is located completely in the
southern hemisphere, while North Nanturo and Forsair share the northern hemisphere, extending into the
equatorial zones. The planetary and Prefecture capital city of Neucason is located on North Nanturo, and is
connected by monorail line to the large industrial spaceport city of Nasew on the opposite side of the continent.
Neucason is proudly regarded by many of the locals as the birthplace of the original Star League, as the site of
the historic signing of the Treaty of Vega in 2569 by Hehiro Kurita, then Coordinator of the Combine, and Ian
Cameron, Director-General of the Terran Hegemony.

Nasew is home to Cosby Myomer Research, a myomer testing and manufacturing firm and one-time BattleMech
producer known in the past for Machiavellian business practices. Damaged by Blakist saboteurs during the Jihad,
Cosby was saved from oblivion only through the aid of a Combine business reclamation effort. Today, with long-
term trade agreements with both the Combine and Republic governments, Cosby remains in business as a
manufacturer of industrial and mining ’Mechs, as well as quality myomers for medical, commercial, industrial,
and military use.

Vega's biggest tourist attraction by far, even over the site of the Treaty of Vega signing, is the so-called Pyramids
of New Egypt, located on the rocky, arid plains of Forsair. Created during the Star League era for an eccentric
megabillionaire who believed in the pantheistic religion of Terra's ancient Egyptian civilization, the Pyramids
remain the biggest draw for off-worlders and treasure seekers on Vega. Over the centuries, the influx of tourists
became so heavy that a commercial port city dubbed New Egypt has indeed grown around the Pyramids.

#Novemer 14 3135...<file update>
Today in the captal city the governor Olivia Von signed an accord with Anastasia Kerenski.  She has been
granted free usage of the space port and all facilities of the capital city Neucason.  Kerenski has been offered a
large sum of money to aid military forces.  The industrial complex Haltaran has been converted into a military
camp for her people.  Kerenski had this to say: "Today marks the beginning of a new erra...You'll pay one way
or another.  Olivia made the right choice here today now she has protection from the Combine forces that are
hovering in the wings to take advantage of the Republic's retreat."

#November 24 3135
Olivia and Kerenski, having met for two weeks in closed door sessions have emerged, The governor cedded
control of the planet to Kerrenski.  Olivia had this to say: "With the vaccuum of power that has been created I
can no longer rely on the good will of our neighbors.  There will be no changes in the laws of this world, however
we have given control of it to Anastasia Kerenski and her people.  Anyone wishing to leave may do so.  You are
given free passage aboard any of the jump ships and have three days with which to leave.  At the end of that
time...all planetary leave is cancelled.   I for one look forward to the protection they bring."  <Olivia raises her
arm and a set of bands can be seen> "I've been bonded to Kerenski and her cause and I've never felt safer."

[3132] Vega was originally part of the Draconis Combine until the creation of The Republic. Vega became part
of Prefecture I under the control of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was
created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Vega was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Vega fell under the influence of the Vega territory.
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*Information supplied is non-cannon **End of information that is non-cannon
Star Type: A0V
Position in System: 7 (of 8)
Number of Moons: None (asteroid
Days to Jump Point: 52
Surface Water: 21%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 0.98
Equatorial Temp: 45° C
Highest Native Life: None
Population: 3,012,000,000
Capital: Neucason
Governor: Olivia Vron
Planetary Legate: Francis Nguyen
Continents: Forsair, North Nanturo,
South Nanturo
# Note: The November 14 & 24 information was part of the information I had on Vega when I updated my
site and brought the information over from my old site.  I do not know if this information is cannon or not.  I
have not been able to find anywhere that authenicates it.  It may have been information I created for one of
the Faction Wars I ran.  I apologize for not being able to note it as cannon or not. - RF
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