Star Type: K5V
Position in System: 3 (of 8)
Number of Moons: 1 (Zed)
Days to Jump Point: 4
Surface Water: 86%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Tainted)
Surface Gravity: 0.87
Equatorial Temp: 35° C
Highest Native Life: Fish
Population: 2,001,000,000
Capital: Shizuoka
Governor: Bella Andersekki
Planetary Legate: Darci Yarde
[3132] Moore is a wet world, its total landmass locked up in almost a thousand small islands and the long, thin,
mountainous chain known as Serpentasia. This half-wooded, half-swampy land runs in an irregular
northwest-to-southeast path across Moore's surface, and is home to the vast majority of the planetary population,
including the capital city of Shizuoka.

Because of abundant germanium, titanium, and uranium deposits, this world was a prize to both the Draconis
Combine and the Terran Hegemony alike during humanity's Golden Age, and it was to secure these valuable
resources that both realms agreed to share the planet between them. This shared-world status spared Moore the
horrors of the Amaris crisis when the Usurper, secure in his hold over House Kurita, allowed Combine troops to
hold the planet unmolested during his reign of terror. When Amaris and his troops fell to the SLDF, and the
League itself collapsed soon after, Moore became a de facto holding of the Combine. The Combine jealously
defended Moore after claiming it, losing it to house Steiner's Lyran Commonwealth for only a few decades in the
twenty-fourth century.

However, despite the countless raids to claim this world's riches, industry and commerce managed to thrive, until
the Word of Blake Jihad. Targeted for the same reasons that made it a prize to the Combine, Moore was struck
by mercenaries in the employ of the Blakist fanatics. Ordered to seize the yield of several key uranium mines that
the Blakists planned to use for the production of atomic weapons, the mercenary troops were drawn into a
running slugfest in the methane swamps near Shizuoka. In the fighting, an exploding BattleMech set off enough
methane pockets to immediately set the swamps ablaze, creating a conflagration that swept, uncontrolled, across
much of the central Serpentasia area before it was done. Few survivors from either of the forces engaged in the
Shizuoka Swamps emerged from the so-called Day of Fire, and it took the efforts of engineers and laborers from
across The Republic of the Sphere to rebuild the capital city after that fateful blaze. When Coordinator Hohiro
Kurita ceded Moore to The Republic, he asked that the brave troops of the Draconis Combine who'd fought and
died for the world throughout the ages be remembered by The Republic forces he now passed the torch along to.
It comes as little surprise that local vehicle manufacturer Duncan Enterprises chose to name its first military vehicle
commissioned for The Republic Militia after Sho-sa Charles Giggins, the DCMS company commander who died
fighting the Blakists in the Day of Fire. The Giggins APC rolled off Duncan's manufacturing lines on the third
anniversary of Moore's transfer to The Republic banner.

[3132] Moore was originally part of the Draconis Combine until the creation of The Republic. Moore became
part of Prefecture I under the control of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was
created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Lambrecht was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Moore fell under the influence of the Vega territory.
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