Kaus Borealis
Star Type: K1IV
Position in System: 4 (of 10)
Number of Moons: 1 (Blufisch)
Surface Water: 71%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Tainted)
Surface Gravity: 0.87
Equatorial Temp: 55° C
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Population: 430,000
Capital: Iamda
Governor: Kari DerRaff
Planetary Legate: Austin Siles
Continents: Allysi, Bellaria, Lucynda,
[3132] A hellish world of continuous volcanic activity that geologists are attributing to a severe tectonic shift of
unparalleled magnitude, Kaus Borealis is a world that many feel is on death's door. Over 300 active volcanoes
have formed in the last three centuries alone, erupting with increasing intensity that now has lava flowing freely and
regularly over almost ten percent of the planet's surface at any given time. When first discovered, Kaus Borealis
was a serene world of deep green oceans, fertile soil, hardy woodlands, abundant wildlife, and blue skies. The
early colonists quickly made their paradise a home and established it as an agricultural world. Although, like most
terrestrial planets, Kaus Borealis had its share of seismic disturbances, scientists thought little of them until three
new volcanoes explosively emerged on the west coast of the northern continent of Lucynda in 2803, each within
three months of the other.

As more eruptions followed, and entire towns or farming regions were swallowed up by the earth or incinerated
by tons of molten rock, a gradual exodus began, which stalled in the thirty-first century when the planet grew
inexplicably silent. However, by that stage so much sulfur, methane, and ash had been thrown into the atmosphere
that the ozone layer was compromised, breathing was impossible without respirators, and acid rain regularly fell
from dark, yellow skies. Gone were the serene oceans, fertile soil, and hardy woodlands, and most of the native
wildlife had perished. Turbulent, superheated seas and barren wastes of broken rock and charcoal now
dominated the landscape, but began to give way to the first signs of rejuvenation by the time Kaus Borealis
became a part of The Republic of the Sphere.

Then, in 3102, all hell broke loose again. With renewed fury, five volcanoes scattered across all four of the
planet's major landmasses blasted fire and hot gases into the skies and ran molten lava into the land and seas,
prompting the start of another mass exodus that continues to this day. Geologists studying the ongoing
phenomenon have claimed that the rate of eruptions suggests that the continuous turmoil may run its course, as the
tectonic plates settle into new positions within another few centuries, but the less analytical inhabitants of this
world may not wait around that long.

The capital of Kaus Borealis, Iamda, is located on the northern continent of Allysi, which lies east of Lucynda.
Grand Cauldron, a newer city on the southern continent of Bellaria, is home to the largest of the planet's
geological research facilities, the Gordon Weiss Institute of Tectonics, as well as the southern hub of the Kaus
Borealis Planetary Evacuation Command. Rashatta, Kaus Borealis' fourth and smallest continent, located in the
equatorial zones between Allysi and Rashatta, is completely lifeless, a result of the planet's brutal heat and the
presence of no fewer than ten of its twenty largest active volcanoes.

[3132] Kaus Borealis was originally part of the Draconis Combine until the creation of The Republic. Kaus
Borealis became part of Prefecture I under the control of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network
Fortress Republic was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Kaus Borealis was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Kaus Borealis fell under the influence of the Vega territory.
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