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Inner Sphere Planets
* Information supplied is non-cannon
Star Type: K4III
Position in System: 4 (of 7)
Number of Moons: 4 (Damocles,
Grant, Ella, and Chimera)
Days to Jump Point: 4
Surface Water: 62%
Atm. Pressure: [3067] High
(Breathable) [3132] High (Standard)
Surface Gravity: [3067] 1.0 [3132]
Equatorial Temp: 34° C
Highest Native Life: [3067]
Amphibians [3132] Mammals
Population: 1,786,269,000
Capital: Star League Era: Castroville
[3132] St. Randall
Governor: Danielle Paterson
Planetary Legate: Victor McFadden
Continents: Auskel, Frankalia,
Landersia, Sparro
Previous Planet, Tikonov
Next Planet, Tikonov
[Solaris 7...history download] Large, with four small moons and an atmosphere most visitors liken to breathing
soup, Addicks is nonetheless a pleasant and temperate world.

One of the "Golden Ten" universities of the Star League, the university of Addicks was devoted to training
teachers and professors. To provide a realistic training environment, Addicks ran five other schools in which
teacher trainees could develop their skills with real students. Nothing remains today.

[3025] When the Star League fell, the wealthy Johnstons of the Federated Suns purchased the Tauken Weapons
System manufacturing facility on Addicks, despite the fact that the planet would most surely become a battlefield
once the fighting started. When the war began, the Johnstons had to sit on their hands and watch as forces from
the Federated Suns, the Draconis Combine, and the Capellan Confederation made their bids for the planet.

By the time the Federated Suns finally secured the world, over half the factories had been destroyed. The only
factories that had managed to survive were those manufacturing trooper-portable laser and particle weapons and
the one producing the Goblin medium tank. Fortunately for the Johnston family, the Goblin's ability to carry a
squad of infantry make it a favorite of AFFS mechanized regiments. There are rumors that Johnston Industries is
considering opening a new facility on New Syrtis.

Headquartered on Addicks, Three Houses is a large entertainment agency specializing in music groups and live
acts. The firm is one of the few Davion agencies that regularly sends acts into the Draconis Combine and the
Capellan Confederation.

Because live entertainment is not on the list of items forbidden by the Economic War Powers Act, the Three
Houses entertainment troupes move back and forth into enemy realms. Though all our evidence indicates that
Three Houses is actually gathering information for both the Department of Military Intelligence and the M17-
MIIO, both agencies keep the firm under heavy surveillance to prevent becoming the victims of a double-cross.
At the moment, Three Houses has two equally popular groups under contract. One is the Kyotan Native
Instrument Band and the other is the Jameson Troubadours, both groups whose music appeals to the people of
all three realms.

[btencyclopedia...history download] Among the earliest worlds colonized by humanity, Addicks' original settlers
were a mix of French, English and Greek. For many years, the planet served as a launching point for subsequent
colonization missions farther out into the unknown. Fortunately for the early settlers, their new world was well-
stocked with minerals, fresh water and plenty of fertile land, but these same qualities made Addicks a tempting
acquisition for the expanding Terran Hegemony during the early 2300s. Conquered as part of Director-General
James McKenna's "Campaigns of Persuasion," Addicks led a relatively undistinguished existence for the next few

The rise of the Star League and the unification of the majority of human space under one banner provided the
backdrop for two significant events in the history of Addicks. In the 2580s, soon after the founding of the League,
the Cameron family launched an effort to improve education throughout the Inner Sphere. The flagship institutions
of these reforms were the Golden Ten Universities, which only accepted students under grade-based scholarships
and provided many graduates to the bureaucratic and diplomatic arms of the League. Addicks University was
one of these prestigious institutions and specialized in the training of educators. The University was later destroyed
during the fall of the Star League and the subsequent destruction of the Succession Wars.

The second significant event was the founding of Tauken Weapons Systems, a producer of personal weapons
and several different types of combat craft. This factory only lasted until the end of the Star League era, however,
when it fell victim to the chaos of that time. The factory was purchased by the wealthy Johnston family of the
Federated Suns, though it would be a long while before they could make full use of their new acquisition.

In the wake of the Star League's dissolution, with each of the five Successor States gobbling up former Terran
Hegemony worlds, Addicks fell under the control of the Federated Suns. In the mid-2790s, the Capellan
Confederation took advantage of massive fighting between the FedSuns and the Draconis Combine to seize a
number of worlds, including Addicks. They were unable to hold onto the world, however, once House Davion
turned its attention away from the Combine. By 2930, Addicks was of enough strategic importance that Field
Marshal Peter Davion launched one thrust of his Operation Roland's Horn from the planet, sending AFFS troops
against Ankaa, Deneb Kaitos, Caph, Northwind and Ruchbah. The world eventually became home to one of the
largest Quartermaster Command supply dumps in the region. Also by this time, Johnston Industries had managed
to maintain enough output from their factories that their Goblin medium tank had become a favorite among AFFS
mechanized regiments. Still, over two centuries of constant and extremely destructive warfare took its toll and
Johnston Industries finally abandoned Addicks in the 3030s, relocating their facilities to New Syrtis. The resulting
void in the corporate landscape was quickly filled by a local concern, which renovated the plants and created
Addicks Transport and Handling, manufacturers of automotive and heavy equipment.

Fortunately far from the path of the Clan invasion, Addicks also managed to escape the fighting that resulted from
the Free Worlds League/Capellan Confederation invasion in 3057 and the subsequent formation of the so-called
Chaos March. Though the Addicks DMM chafed at the thought of the nearby planets of Caph and Small World
remaining separated from the Federated Suns, they were forbidden to do anything to reclaim those worlds. War
eventually did come to Addicks in the 3060s with the outbreak of the FedCom Civil War, when in early 3063 it
became the site of a battle between Allied and Loyalist forces. Lasting for nearly six months, the battle resulted in
the first major victory for the Allied forces and the destruction of the Loyalist 6th Federated Commonwealth
Corps RCT and the neutral Addicks DMM. Things remained fairly quiet on Addicks for the next year and a half,
until the Draconis Combine struck back in retaliation for the invasion launched against it by Duke James Sandoval
of the Draconis March. In January 3065, the 15th Dieron Regulars and the 10th Ghost regiment landed on
Addicks and nearly defeated the 12th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT and the 8th Striker regiment of the Fighting
Urukhai, though they were forced to retreat from the world just a few weeks later by the arrival of the Davion
Assault Guards. Not to be deterred, the DCMS forces returned in November, where they managed to destroy
the 8th Striker and occupy the capital. The arrival of the 12th Vegan Rangers turned the tide against the Draconis
forces, who finally left Addicks in March of 3066.

Addicks became part of the Republic of the Sphere in the wake of the Word of Blake Jihad. Represented in the
Republic Senate by a member of the prominent Federated Suns Sandoval family, Addicks maintained
connections with its former nation. Aaron Sandoval was elected Governor of the planet in 3127 before moving up
to the post of Lord Governor of Prefecture IV a year later. In mid 3132, Republic Geological Resources
discovered major untapped deposits of quality crude oil on the continent of Sparro. These oil reserves proved a
tempting target for Duchess Katana Tormark and her Dragon's Fury splinter faction in the aftermath of the HPG
network collapse in August of 3132. Just one month later, Dragon's Fury forces descended upon Addicks in an
attempt to secure the oil fields. After severe fighting around the city of Neo Carthagia, the Dragon's Fury forces
were driven off by a detachment of the Northwind Highlanders, led by Captain Tara Bishop. Early the next year,
Addicks again became the site of a struggle for control of its oil fields when the Spirit Cats' elite Shiva Keshik
attempted to succeed where the Dragon's Fury had failed. This time the Highlanders were defeated by the
invaders and the Spirit Cats seized control of the valuable crude deposits.

[WizKids...history download] [3132] Founded by English, French, and Greek colonists in the early days of
interstellar expansion, the planet’s ample mineral resources, fertile lands, and large, freshwater lakes, made it an
ideal place to set up a staging area for further colonization efforts. Mining and manufacturing industries took root
on Addicks faster than farming communities, a boon to the corporations that sought a fast return on their
investment in the colonial efforts. In the days of the Star League, Addicks became home to Tauken Weapons
Systems, a company specializing in armored vehicles, personal weapons, and even atmospheric fighter craft.
After the collapse of the League, Johnston Industries, a Federated Suns venture, bought the TWS plant, only to
see most of the factories decimated by the wars that followed. In the 3030s, Johnston Industries abandoned the
plant in favor of new facilities on New Syrtis, and the resourceful locals who claimed the empty husks of the
former Johnston plants renovated them into an automotive and heavy equipment manufacturing company called
Addicks Transport & Handling. Though industrial metals, machinery, and even some produce are major exports
of Addicks today, a significant share of the planetary economy also comes from the entertainment industry. In the
days of Federated Suns rule, Addicks was home to the famous Three Houses Entertainment Agency, which
specialized in musical bands and traveling live-entertainment shows. Though, under Davion rule, many believed
Three Houses served as a front for intelligence gathering on nearby Houses, the Agency still exists today,
brokering some of the finest live entertainment in the region. Three Houses is based in the planetary capital of
Saint Randall, which is situated on the shores of Lake Jasmine on the primary northern continent of Landersia.
Addicks Transport & Handling is located in the spaceport city of Neo Carthagia, on the southern continent of
Sparro. The planet’s other two continents, Frankalia and Auskel, situated in the equatorial region, are home to
most of the planet’s tropical farming communities.

[3132] Addicks was originally part of the Federated Suns until the creation of The Republic. Achernar became
part of Prefecture III under the control of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic
was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Achernar was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Achernar fell under the influence of the Senate Irian territory.
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