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Inner Sphere Planets
Nova Roma
Star Type: F6IV
Position in System: 3
Number in System:
Days to Jump Point: 14
Percentage of Surface Water: N/A
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity:
Eq. Temperature:
Highest Native Life: Reptile
Population: 266,200,000
*[3140] Estimated: <3,000
*Capital: In ruins
Continents: N/A
Previous Planet, Oriente
Next Planet, Oriente
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Often it is Fate, not tactics or strategy that determines the site of great battles. From Waterloo and Gettysberg to
New Vandenburg and Kentares, the critical military moment all too frequently comes at a time and place that few
expect...and leaves behind a dreadful legacy." These words, penned by a House Davion historian in 2798 about
the Kentares Massacre, also apply to Nova Roma. Settled during the good years of the Star League by the
Indrus Corporation, the planet remained a modestly successful, rather sleepy agrarian world for four centuries.
Because of its utter lack of strategic importance, it even escaped attack from enemy forces during the Succession
Wars. In 3014, however, Nova Roma's luck finally ran out.

In September of that year, elements of Wolf's Dragoons landed on Nova Roma and easily subdued the garrison
of Free Worlds Guards stationed there. Later that autumn, Duke Anton delivered an incendiary address from
Nova Roma, surrounded by the smiling faces of the planet's Executive Council (who had been rounded up by
bayonet for the occasion). The vidtape of this event was broadcast to Loyalist Marik forces, raising their ire.
Thus, when Anton's forces regrouped on Nova Roma for their final stand, Janos's advancing armies laid waste to
many farms and mines during the pursuit of the enemy.

This damage decimated Nova Roma's economy, which may not recover without outside help. However, the crisis
does not concern the planet's governor, Stanton de Beer, who spends most of his time assiduously checking out
every rumor of rebellion. In the meantime, the planet's Executive Council is powerless to do anything but smile at
the new faces holding the same bayonets.

[3132] Nova Roma was originally part of the Free Worlds League.  It was too far removed from The Republic
to become part of it. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was created and many of the worlds
under its control were set free.

After The Republic released many worlds from its control, Nova Roma joined became part of the Oriente

*[3140] The economy never recovered and Nova Roma has fallen into a Dark Age of its own.  Overlooked by
The Republic and only adopted by The Oriente territory because it was in its space.  

The cities have fallen into disrepair and are nothing more than ruins now.  The only inhabitants are in the extreme
rural areas.  The cities are dark, abandoned and crumbling.  The uprising against Stanton de Beer in 3048 ended
up lasting fifteen year and destroying the entire planets economy and populace.  The planet has nothing of value
and the atmosphere has been corrupted to the point that acid rain falls on a regular basis.  This planet is dead.
* Planetary image.
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