The site of the so-called Syrma Ambush of 2338, this battle proved to be a turning point for the then newly
formed Terran Hegemony. Admiral James McKenna's son, Konrad, led Hegemony Armed Forces troops into
the mined jump points of the system. The heavy losses from this incident coupled with the increasing strength of
the Hegemony's opponents, prompted McKenna to change tactics from force to diplomacy during the last year of
his life. With Konrad disgraced, It also led to the foundation of the Cameron dynasty, and the creation of the Star

[3132] A water-rich world with a host of natural resources, Syrma was a dream world for colonial developers
when it was first discovered during mankind's early exploration of deep space. Ironically enough, the first settlers
to set foot on this world would not be industrialists or commercial entrepreneurs, but pilgrims from various
antitechnology cultures and religious beliefs. Including representatives from Amish, Native American, and African
cultures, these pilgrims established several agricultural communes throughout the arable interiors of Ezera, Lothair,
Quan, and Rashida, Syrma's four main landmasses. In the wake of the Terran Alliance's fall, these colonists
suddenly found themselves cut off from contact with Terra, but their industrious nature made it possible for them
to survive as an independent world for a time. The rise of the seemingly aggressive Terran Hegemony, however,
soon prompted the community leaders of Syrma to seek outside help in maintaining their independence, and so
they sought aid from the nearby Federation of Skye. When Hegemony ships arrived over Syrma, mines and
"smart" missiles, planted at the jump points by the Federation, smashed much of the Hegemony fleet. The Syrma
Disaster, as the Hegemony citizens called it, cast into question the viability of the McKenna family as a ruling line,
and inevitably led to the foundation of the Cameron dynasty. As for Syrma, its alliance with Skye led to the
opening of the world to increasingly modernized industries, though the antitechnology sects retained their own
sizeable enclaves. By the Star League era, this planet had become a jointly administered border world between
the Lyran Commonwealth and the Terran Hegemony, with a curious mix of primitive and technocratic lifestyles.
Because of the ample resources here, Amaris' troops landed hard on Syrma, executing much of the government,
Lyran and Hegemony alike, after brutally seizing control. Their efforts to enslave the antitechnology sects as
laborers for the mines and factories ultimately led to some of the greatest atrocities of the Amaris Crisis. Syrma
would not be freed until Kerensky's return years later. After the fall of the League, the Lyran government claimed
Syrma and invested heavily in the reconstruction of its industrial infrastructure, but largely overlooked the
descendants of the planet's original settlers and their agro-communes. This trend, continued over the centuries of
warfare, eventually led to the near extinction of these simpler communes. Even today, the few remaining
settlements left over from the original pilgrims are little more than tourist attractions in Syrma's outback; a mere
handful of surviving communities from a bygone era. Syrma's capital, Skopje, is located on Lothair's southern
reaches, and is home to the planet's largest spaceport, two others may be found in the cities of Scottsdale and
Strausborg, on Ezera and Rashida, respectively, as well as the headquarters of DePaik Resource Solutions, a
mining and refining company owned by the planet's ruling family.

Syrma was originally part of the Lyran Alliance until the creation of The Republic.  Syrma became part of
Prefecture VIII under the control of The Republic.  After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was
created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Syrma was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Syrma joined the Lyons Skye Territory.
* Information supplied is non-cannon
Inner Sphere Planets
Star Type: F6V
Position in System: 4 (of 6)
Number of Moons: None
Days to Jump Point: 14
Surface Water: 80%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 0.84
Equatorial Temp: 36° C
Highest Native Life: Reptiles
Population: 4,015,000,000
Governor: Vincentia DePaik
Planetary Legate: Yusif Hedley
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