[3132] An abundance of rare mineral deposits and industrial-grade metals made Skondia a prize to the European
and African colonists who first settled this world during humanity's exodus into space. Within a decade of the first
settlers' arrival, in fact, the planet's first cities had already become industrial centers with dozens of businesses
involved in the mining and refining of steel, titanium, and nickel-alloy materials used in everything from kitchen
utensils to spacecraft and fusion engine manufacturing. Not surprisingly, this wealth soon drew the interest of the
Federation of Skye.

Unfortunately, Skondia had long since become part of the rising dragon, having been claimed by the Draconis
Combine in one of its earliest conquests. Over the centuries following the Federation's transformation into the
Lyran Commonwealth, Houses Kurita and Steiner warred over control of this valuable resource world, with
Steiner claiming it during the Age of War and through the Star League era. After the fall of the League, the
Combine moved to reclaim Skondia in 2786, with a brutal assault campaign directed first against the civilian
populace, and then against the planet's industries when the slow-moving Lyrans tried to intercede. The results of
an easy conquest convinced then-Coordinator Minoru Kurita that House Steiner was too weak to present a
worthy challenge to his Draconis Combine, and ironically turned the might of the Dragon away more effectively
than a spirited defense might have. Over the following centuries of the Succession Wars, Skondia would be
assaulted and raided many more times, but the world remained in the hands of the Draconis Combine right up
until the Word of Blake Jihad.

Targeted for its industrial and mineral wealth, Skondia suffered the onslaught of the Blakists in the form of several
devastating raids by mercenaries who destroyed dozens of mining and manufacturing plants and ravaged the local
defense forces, all of these actions designed to keep coalition forces off balance. Amazingly enough, despite their
predilection for weapons of mass destruction earlier in the war, the Blakists balked at using nuclear, chemical, and
biological weapons when they hit Skondia. This fact spared the planet the lasting effects of such devastation,
though it would still be decades before the local industries and economy recovered from the war. In the wake of
the Jihad, Coordinator Hohiro Kurita ceded Skondia to Devlin Stone's new Republic despite the protests of his
generals and advisors. In a small concession to this "loyal opposition", however, he demanded and won exclusive
trade rights for a portion of the planet's annual output.

The capital of Skondia, Platinum City, is located on the southeastern continent of Steen. While this city boasts an
impressive spaceport less than five kilometers to its north, most shipping traffic is routed through Passageway, a
sprawling megalopolis on the northern continent of Edel.

Skondia was originally part of the Draconis Combine until the creation of The Republic.  Skondia became part of
Prefecture IX under the control of The Republic.  After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was
created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Skondia was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Skondia joined the Lyons Skye Territory.
* Information supplied is non-cannon
Inner Sphere Planets
Star Type: F6V
Position in System: 2 (of 5)
Number of Moons: 3 (Tadzio, Urian,
Days to Jump Point: 14
Surface Water: 77%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 1.08
Equatorial Temp: 50° C
Highest Native Life: Bird
Population: 2,671,000,000
Capital: Platinum City
Governor: Hasani Saadiq
Planetary Legate: Yegor Welvel
Continents: Teremun
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