When New Kyoto was first discovered, the virulence of the native lifeforms were not immediately apparent.
When colonists attempted to import plants and animals, the results were disastrous, because the native fauna
either consumed the newcomers or local diseases killed off the competition in other ways. After some very lean
and difficult years, the scientists on New Kyoto managed to discover an opening in the previously impenetrable
armor of native lifeforms. Though progress has been slow, imported life has begun to gain a foothold on the
planet. There is a strict ban against exporting native species of New Kyoto to other worlds. Furthermore, no one
should be foolish enough to venture either alone or unarmed into the many wild areas of the planet. As fearsome
as this sounds, New Kyoto is relatively safe and free of the major Kyotan carnivores like Armor Bears and

Many major industries have been constructed along the coasts of the planet's four continents, and several
spaceports are being built to help promote the growing trade with the Free Worlds League.

New Kyoto is heavily populated with people of Japanese ancestry, and is the main center for Buddhism within
the Lyran Commonwealth. The Tooshodai-ji temple houses the largest known sculpture of the Amida Buddha in
the Inner Sphere.

[3025] Though smaller than many other similar institutions, Kyoto College has the advantage of concentrating its
curriculum entirely on the study and research of myomers. It was here that engineers recently rediscovered the
method of magnetically tri-splicing myomer muscle bundles directly to a 'Mechs skeleton without using the usual
Jamison coupling.

[3132] Visitors to New Kyoto are often struck by the heavy Japanese influence in the local culture. Indeed, this
exotic, yet terrestrial, world once boasted itself as a major center of the Buddhist faith in the Lyran
Commonwealth, and the temple in Tooshodai-ji possesses the Inner Sphere's largest Amida Buddha sculpture
(over 110 meters in height). These obvious cultural influences have often led travelers to New Kyoto to suspect
that the planet's history includes a lingering occupation or long-standing allegiance to the Draconis Combine but,
in fact, neither of the above applies. Settled during humanity's first exodus into space, New Kyoto's colonists
hailed from Terra's eastern Asia region, particularly from the nations surrounding the Sea of Japan. The Japanese
segment of the colonial population, by far the most numerous, took an active role in shaping the early social
structures on this world, even going so far as to style the planetary ruler a Daimyo (warlord). Life in the early days
was difficult, primarily due to the virulence of native life-forms. Many of New Kyoto's fiercest native predators,
such as the vicious ki-rian or the unstoppable armor bear, claimed hundreds of lives before widespread hunting
protocols brought their numbers under control. Even today, people are strongly advised never to travel alone and
unarmed in the wild reaches of this world, and export of the local fauna is strictly prohibited.

New Kyoto's ample resources and fertile soil spawned the formation of numerous heavy industries, including the
development of myomers, advanced electronics, and military-grade lasers. The Kyoto College, exclusively
devoted to the study of myomer technology for military as well as medical applications, was arguably one of the
most prestigious of its kind throughout the Succession Wars era, while Doering Electronics and RAMTech
Industries were once among the chief military suppliers to the Federation of Skye and the Lyran Commonwealth.
Through the centuries of conflict that followed the fall of the Star League, New Kyoto was the target of several
raids by the nearby Free Worlds League. It remained a Lyran holding all the way into the Jihad years, when
fighting between the Commonwealth and renegade Free Worlds' troops savaged the world. Kyoto College, along
with the neighboring city of Yonei, and Doering Electronics' Kawnaku City factory were all leveled in that hellish
conflict, along with half the RAMTech laser facilities in the capital and spaceport city of Hirihito. Despite the
damage, the vast industrial base of this world and an influx of off-world residents enabled it to recover quickly
after joining Devlin Stone's Republic of the Sphere. Government subsidies even allowed for the reconstruction of
the Kyoto College and the RAMTech facilities, and the planet's exports once more include a host of industrial
and military-grade lasers and myomer products. Marker Electronics, a local manufacturer of communications
systems and sensors, has since risen to inherit the role once played by Deoring Electronics, supplying vital
equipment both to The Republic's military forces and to its industrial and aerospace sectors. New Kyoto's capital
city of Hirihito and the temple of Tooshodai-ji are both located on the northern continent of Asharu. The city of
New Yonei is located on Kalasaka, the larger of the planet's equatorial landmasses, along with one of the largest
planetary reservations for the now-endangered ki-rian population. Koshimatu, the smaller equatorial continent, is
home to RAMTech's corporate headquarters, in the city of Oshaktu, while Kawnaku and Marker Electronics
may be found on the southern island continent of Zuishami.

New Kyoto was originally part of the Lyran Alliance until the creation of The Republic.  New Kyoto became part
of Prefecture VIII under the control of The Republic.  After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was
created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] New Kyoto was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, New Kyoto joined the Lyons Skye Territory.
* Information supplied is non-cannon
Inner Sphere Planets
New Kyoto        
Star Type: G5V
Position in System: 3 (of 9)
Number of Moons: 5 (Eun, Ishiko, Le,
Taka, and Wing-Chiu)
Days to Jump Point: 7
Surface Water: 81%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 1.04
Equatorial Temp: 36° C
Highest Native Life: Mammal
Population: [3067] 5,467,000,000
Capital: Hirihito
Governor: Genna Endo
Planetary Legate: Aran Yashruti
Continents: Asharu, Kalasaka, Zuishami
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