Until the 3030's the principal hiring hall for mercenary troops within the Inner Sphere was the so-called
Mercenary's Star of Galatea. When Wolf's Dragoons took over the planet of Outreach in 3030, the governments
of the Inner Sphere shifted their mercenary recruiting efforts to that world. This caused Galatea's economy to
nearly collapse. The mercenary trade had been the basis of its economy, but the only units who came there now
were those too inferior to compete on outreach, or those who would not or could not go through legal channels to
be hired. Where Galatea had once been the Mercenary's Star, it is now a virtual den of desperate men and
women who don't care whether or not they live within the law.

Unlike Outreach, those who come here recruiting do not want their presence advertised. Most of their contracts
were for jobs well beyond the law of any Inner Sphere government, so as piracy, assassination, subversion or
kidnapping. Galatea also runs a series of 'Mech games, from which many of the recruiters pick and chose their
warriors. Unlike the duels of Solaris VII, these battles are down and dirty, and usually to the death.

Galaport is the capital of Galatea, as well as being home to its major star port.

[3057] Since the formation of the Chaos March and the increased difficulty in travelling to Outreach, Galatea has
seen a renaissance in legitimate mercenary dealings, a process encouraged by the LAAF and supported by
Mercenary Liaison Corps operations to police the deals.

[3062] In early 3062, the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission recognized Galatea's position by
establishing a satellite office on the world to help maintain standards.

[3132] Though it orbits far away from a yellow-white giant, Galatea is nonetheless hot, and rendered largely
barren in its equatorial and tropical zones. In the temperate and polar regions, where the solar radiation is less
severe, the soil is largely sterilized, lacking in nitrogen from centuries of ultraviolet exposure. As a result, very little
vegetation grows on Galatea, save what may be found along the coastlines of rivers extending from the planet's
oceans: the Amersia Sea in the north polar region, and the Kileri and Paradise Oceans in the south. All three
oceans are completely land-locked, however, trapped within the single, planet-wide landmass known as
Lubbocks. Given the largely barren environment that is Galatea, the first settlers to this world in 2250 were
surprised to find that it actually supported a basic ecosystem, at the top of which was a furry, burrowing, rodent
like predator called the Galatean Mole. Indeed, preliminary analyses made by the first surveyors of this world
suggested that the root of the planet's ecology actually lay in a complex system of underground rivers. These
theories were partly corroborated by the subsequent discovery of subterranean oases all over the planet, where a
much more exotic local flora and fauna had evolved. Further study was briefly denied, however, when a mixture
of antitechnology religious sects subsequently colonized the planet, including a number of Amish, Native
American, and African communities. Eager to escape the increasingly tech-dependent ways of the Terran
Alliance, these colonists lived in relative harmony until Galatea fell under the joint rule of the expanding Terran
Hegemony and the Lyran Commonwealth years later. Under the original Star League, Galatea became a military
training ground for the SLDF, and Star League engineers helped develop the planet's sprawling spaceport,
Galaport, situated just north of the planetary capital of Galatea City. In addition, a host of mining and refining
enterprises flocked to the world as the Hegemony government opened the resource-rich lands for exploitation.
The naturalists gradually found themselves pushed aside in the rush to exploit Galatea's riches, while the industries
and economy came to depend on the prosperity of the Star League itself. During the Amaris crisis, Galatea
became a battleground, often pitting the Usurper's forces against those of the Star League. Once more, the
naturalists became the victims, caught in the crossfire of all-out warfare. By the time the fighting stopped, the Star
League was in a shambles, and Galatea right along with it. In the centuries that followed, the surviving populations
did their best to survive. Many of the antitechnology settlements eventually relocated, reestablishing their roots in
the southern reaches of the planet, while the more industrially developed northern hemisphere struggled to get by
on mineral and metal exports and other limited off-world trade. Eventually, through a clever deal with ComStar,
officials of the Galatean government managed to establish the world as the center of the mercenary trade, a
way-station for soldiers of fortune employed throughout the Inner Sphere. The traffic created a booming
economy for Galatea, almost surpassing the glories of the Star League era, though it also fostered a large degree
of localized crime. After the Fourth Succession War, however, Galatea's fortunes again reversed, as the famous
Wolf's Dragoons established Outreach as the center of the honorable mercenary trade. With their higher
standards of excellence and the sheer magnitude of their patronage, the Dragoons' Hiring Halls soon eclipsed
those of Galatea. Though agents of every major and minor power still sought hired muscle on Galatea, the planet
had become second-rate, a home for the down-and-out and the disgraced, with a soaring crime rate to match. In
the years leading up to the FedCom Civil War, however, the local mercenary business once more began to boom
as representatives from various factions once more sought the services of any hired guns they could find. Though
initially good for Galatea's sagging economy, the tensions from so many factions in such close proximity soon
exploded when the former Federated Commonwealth realms erupted in civil war. In short order, Galatea
degenerated into a planet-wide brawl between BattleMech gangs that ravaged the land and killed thousands of
innocents caught in the crossfire. In the end, the planet was left almost as devastated as it had been after
Kerensky's Liberation, though the eventual pacification by the mercenary Group W helped restore some
semblance of order over the world. During the Jihad, Galatea once more became a battleground as Blakist forces
and their mercenaries clashed with forces from the Lyran Alliance and Devlin Stone's rebels in the worst 'Mech
warfare the local populace had ever seen. The virtual destruction of Galaport and Galatea City, along with over
eighty percent of the industrialized cities in the northern hemisphere, left the populace so shell-shocked, they
eagerly accepted the restoration of peace and order under Devlin Stone's Republic. Extensive efforts went into
the rebuilding of the capital and major spaceport, a process that took nearly forty years to complete.

[3132] Galatea was originally part of the Free Worlds League until the creation of The Republic.  Galatea
became part of Prefecture VIII under the control of The Republic.  After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress
Republic was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Galatea was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Galatea joined the Lyons Skye Territory.
* Information supplied is non-cannon
Inner Sphere Planets
Star Type: F8II
Position in System: 6 (of 8)
Number of Moons: 1 (Gatatea Minor)
Days to Jump Point: 12.01
Surface Water: 35%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 1.0
Equatorial Temp: 55° C
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Population: [3067] 556,976,000
[3132] 628,218,000
Capital: Galatean City
Governor: Bradford Nowakowski
Planetary Legate: Celine Richtofen
Continents: Lubbocks
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