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Inner Sphere Planets
Star Type: M4III
Position in System: 3 (of 5)
Number of Moons: 2 (Macera and
Days to Jump Point: 3
Surface Water: 24%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 0.87
Equatorial Temp: 33° C
Highest Native Life: Plants
Population: 1,067,000,000
Capital: Fort Habersburg
Governor: Georgio Quentin
Planetary Legate: Yitzahk Faquir
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The capital of Gacrux is Morgan Junction. The world's main industrial complex of Rawlins, lies 125km to the
southwest of the capital.

[3062] Containing a large number of semi-retired veterans, the Gacrux FTM is a stronghold of the Brotherhood
of Cincinnatus. They have long opposed the Federated Commonwealth, whose formation ironically led to the
militia's creation. Though the secession of the Lyran Alliance from the Federated Commonwealth pleased the
militia, the alliance with the Free Worlds League did not. The FTM has since argued for a resumption of hostilities
against the Alliance's rimward neighbor. This aggressive stance has prompted the LAAF to keep the militia on a
short leash, restricting their supplies and access to transport assets so as to prevent an "independent operation"
against the League. The Free Skye movement has made numerous attempts to draw the militia into its tangled
web but all to no avail.

[3132] As its star, a red giant over a hundred times the size of Sol, is well into its final years, Gacrux, too, is a
world in a state of decline, cooling as the warmth of its primary fades more and more with each passing century.
Despite its lack of water and nutrient-poor soil, colonists were drawn to Gacrux by its abundance of precious
metals, industrial ores, and radioactive materials, establishing several mining and manufacturing operations here.
Most of these settlements naturally arose on the shores of the planet's two large, landlocked, freshwater oceans,
Praddis and Umberholdt. Though lacking in sufficient resources to feed a booming population itself, Gacrux
prospered as an industrial world, becoming a member of the Federation of Skye soon after the fall of the Terran
Alliance. The nearness of the expanding Free Worlds League, however, exposed Gacrux to many raids over the
years, enough so that the people of this world eagerly embraced the union of the Federation into the Lyran
Commonwealth. Since that day, the people of Gacrux became known for their remarkable loyalty to the
Commonwealth, and were among the few Skye worlds not opposed to Steiner rule during the region's rebellious
years. As time went on, and Gacrux survived repeated assaults from neighboring realms, however, the
Gacruxians' sense of nationalism evolved into a kind of xenophobia. The locals protested the Commonwealth's
alliance with the Federated Suns and the militia forces constantly lobbied for military action against the Free
Worlds League. This attitude made Gacrux one of the strongholds of a Lyran supremacist movement, formerly a
veterans association, called the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus, a group that achieved infamy during the
mid-thirty-first century for a string of domestic terrorist attacks. Ironically, the xenophobic peoples of Gacrux saw
their worst fears realized during the Jihad, when Marik forces, duped by the Word of Blake, attacked their world
and destroyed the local militia along with the industrial cities of Rawlins and Morgan Junction. The devastating
fighting savaged the heart of Gacrux's industrial and administrative infrastructure, throwing the planet into chaos
until Lyran troops, as part of Devlin Stone's coalition, finally restored order. At the dawn the thirty-second
century, further catastrophe struck the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus as a surgical strike from the Lyran
Commonwealth apparently destroyed their secret base on planet. Today, though many of the locals still cling to
the outdated xenophobia of their ancestors, an influx of new settlers, thanks to Stone's relocation programs, and
efforts to rebuild the cities and complexes destroyed during the Jihad, have made Gacrux a thriving member of
The Republic. The capital city, Fort Habersburg, is located on the southern coast of Praddis.

Gacrux was originally part of the Free Worlds League until the creation of The Republic.  Gacrux became part of
Prefecture VIII under the control of The Republic.  After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was
created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Gacrux was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Gacrux joined the Lyons Skye Territory.
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