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Inner Sphere Planets
Star Type: K1V
Position in System: 3 (of 8)
Number of Moons: 3 (Ammon, Jael,
and Zayit)
Days to Jump Point: 5
Surface Water: 77%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 1.17
Equatorial Temp: 33° C
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Population: 3,013,000,000
Capital: Narcisse
Governor: Connor Yannakis
Planetary Legate: Emery Carolus
Continents: Gillinia
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[3132] The first colonists to settle Carsphaim were quickly taken in by its varied landscapes, every bit as striking
as those of Terra itself. Unfortunately, these settlers soon learned that their new home was cursed with violent
weather systems, largely attributed to the pull of not one, but three large moons. The turbulent weather varies
from continuous, weeks-long spring and autumn downpours to frequent tornadoes in the summer, and crippling
blizzards and ice storms in the winter, all particularly brutal in the middle latitudes. Despite this, Carsphaim's soil
proved fertile enough to sustain Terran hybrid crops, and the local animals, particularly the populous, buffalolike
elwriths, provided a readily accessible food source to sustain several modest colonies. In addition, sufficient
mineral wealth to provide for a rudimentary level of industrialization and export trade, if not a particularly
profitable one, enabled the colonists to establish strong roots and thriving townships. To withstand the effects of
the storms, the Carsphaimians built their structures low, and erected protective domes over many of their farms,
and continue to do so to this day. Located several jumps inside the Federation of Skye, Carsphaim was largely
overlooked during the Succession Wars. Perhaps because of this, many natives of this world saw the Lyran
government as even more intrusive than did other Skye worlds that bordered hostile neighbors, and thus the local
government was more easily swayed to join the Free Skye movement.

During the Jihad, Carsphaim was raided several times by Blakist forces as it was an easy stop for foodstuffs to
sustain their longer campaigns. This strategy ultimately forced allied troops to station a permanent garrison in the
latter half of the war. Since becoming a Republic member-world, many of these garrison troops, a mix of Lyran,
Combine, and Clan Wolf warriors, became part of Prefecture VIII's militia, and continue to claim enclaves here.
The planetary capital of Carsphaim, Narcisse, is located on the primary continent of Gillinia. A shoreline city,
Narcisse has a large seaport as well as a spaceport, linking travelers to the other four main landmasses of
Basallia, North Teslia, South Teslia, and Yddrig.

Carsphaim was originally part of the Free Worlds League until the creation of The Republic.  Carsphaim became
part of Prefecture VIII under the control of The Republic.  After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic
was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Carsphaim was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Carsphaim joined the Lyons Skye Territory.
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