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Inner Sphere Planets
Star Type: A7IV
Position in System: 3 (of 4)
Number of Moons: None
Days to Jump Point: 28
Surface Water: 43%
Atm. Pressure: High (Tainted)
Surface Gravity: 1.00
Equatorial Temp: 55° C
Highest Native Life: Fish
Population: 318,000,000
Capitol: Allabad
Governor: Kristen LeSat
Planetary Legate: Oshira Damascelopus
Continents: Vandika
Previous Planet, Lyons-Skye
Next Planet, Lyons-Sky
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[3050] Clan Jade Falcon landed on Alkalurops in March 3050. Defending the world were the Alkalurops Militia
and the Bouncer Regiment; a mercenary combined forces regiment. With a fast and furious assault the Third
Falcon Talon Cluster, comanded by Star Colonel Arien Hazen, succeeded in seizing Benden City and Dravinna
Vale, the capital and economic centers of the planet. Many of the defending forces, though, including a large
contingent from the Bouncer Regiment, were never captured. Just days after the planet's surrender, these forces
formed an organized and effective resistance, attacking the invaders near the ore-processing factories of Dravinna
Vale, using the valley's perpetual fog to cover their activities.

[3132] Alkalurops is a warm and oppressive world, plagued by frequent hurricanes and tornadoes that are the
result of a thick atmosphere, cursed further by greenhouse gases that amplify the heat of its white A-class sun.
These conditions have prevented the evolution of any form of surface animal life, though native fish do thrive in the
deeper parts of the planet's two large oceans. Because of its inhospitable nature, colonization and development of
Alkalurops proceeded slowly. Most settlements, founded on the northernmost continent of Vandika, were
established close to pockets of natural gas and common metal veins, pumped and mined for export sale. To
protect against the harsh weather and attain a degree of comfortable living, most of these early colonies were dug
into the mountains and hills, and every structure was pressurized and outfitted with advanced air filters to make
the interior air breathable.

Allabad, the planetary capital, was originally one such colony, nestled into the base of the north-south-running
Bagadell Mountain Chain, and much of the city today still retains the look of a modernized Pueblo Indian village.
Mainly due to these living conditions, the inhabitants of Alkalurops developed a curiously insular "almost
xenophobic" culture, intensely distrustful of off-worlders. Though more accepting overall of other citizens in the
Lyran realm, particularly those from the Isle of Skye, Alkalurops's people showed little patience or hospitality to
visitors from the Terran Hegemony. Even during the Star League era, when extra revenue resulting from trade
with Nusakan, a key world in the Hegemony's computer industry, brought an influx of traders and entrepreneurs
here, the natives of this world remained cold and aloof. During the Amaris crisis, the Usurper's troops struck at
Alkalurops despite its being outside Hegemony borders, hoping to deny any liberation force the use of the planet
as a staging area to reclaim Nusakan. Instead, native resistance repelled Amaris's troops, a pattern repeated
whenever raiders and invading neighbors struck the world during the Succession Wars. With few resources worth
fighting over and an inhospitable climate, however, such raids were rare, and even the FedCom Civil War and the
Word of Blake Jihad passed Alkalurops over without incident. Upon the formation of The Republic, the Lyran
Alliance ceded this world to Devlin Stone along with many others of the tumultuous Isle of Skye region, a
situation that caused great unrest among the local populace when Stone's relocation directives were enacted.
Ironically, the creation of the peace-loving Republic created Alkalurops's largest outbreak of violence as the
insular natives clashed with the new population. Rioting and hate crimes left scores dead over the following
decade, before Republic authorities, in conjunction with Lyran mediators, could once more restore order.

Alkalurops was originally part of the Lyran Commonwealth until the creation of The Republic.  Alkalurops
became part of Prefecture IX under the control of The Republic.  After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress
Republic was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Alkalurops was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Alkalurops joined the Lyons Skye Territory.

Data Notes: The 3050 information was supplied from  The 3132 information was supplied
from the original WizKids Games website.  The information does not seem to match, I believe both are cannon
but the background needs to be completed. - RF
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