[3063] The unremarkable world of New St. Andrews, is barely visited even by those looking to prey on their
fellow man. The history of the world lies in some of the earliest days of the Free World's League. Among the
many smaller nations the League gobbled up was the Stewart Confederation, a nation whose people descended
almost exclusively from Scotsmen native to the Terran British Isles. Rather than bow their will to the league, quite
a few of the Confederation's people found sanctuary in the Rim Worlds Republic, where they were actually
accorded a significant level of freedom. Of course, they only lasted until Stefan Amaris launched his bloody coup
on the Star League. Again the expatriates of the Stewart Confederation were turned into refugees looking for a
new home, this time by General Kerensky's assault upon Amaris' Republic.

They eventually came upon the world they called New St. Andrews and set out to forge a new life from
themselves. With the confusion wrought by the Star League war against Amaris, history simply lost track of the
refugees for quite a number of years. The expatriates, when they fled the Rim Worlds Republic, had the
opportunity to gather only a few supplies and little technology, so when they reached New St. Andrews, they
were forced to turn to the livelihood of their forefathers to survive - farming and herding.

Of course, the failings of humanity overcame them as they did every other independent nation in history. In the
case of these four Scottish Clans - Brannigan, MacGregor, Sterling and Stewart - the precedent had already
been set many centuries before. While each of the four extended families settled a different section of the planet,
they soon came into conflict with each other, oftentimes over the simplest of matters. That they had no way to
replicate the weapons of mass destruction that were ravaging the Inner Sphere at the time was the only reason
they did not destroy one another.

Fortunately for the people of New St. Andrews, the leaders of Clans MacGregor and Stewart eventually saw the
larger picture. They realized that if they continued on with their feuding, they would wither wipe themselves out
completely or would again fall to one of the Periphery's many powers, several of whom had by then sent
expeditions to the world. The two Clans united, building a new and thriving society together. Of course, they did
so realizing that both Clans Brannigan and Sterling, reduced to mere husks of what they once had been, would
undoubtedly turn their attentions toward them, jealous of their prosperity.

That did happen, with the survivors of the other two Clans commonly going to any lengths to steal what they
needed or destroy it, lest anyone else be able to use it. Because of the preparations of the two stronger Clans,
none of the attacks have yet caused any significant harm to the planet's economy. Both the MacGregors and the
Stewarts are committed to rebuilding ties with their fallen brothers. It is a stark irony, considering the parallels that
can be drawn to both the state of matters in the Periphery as well as the rest of the Inner Sphere.

Since the bonding of the two Clans, New St. Andrews population has steadily climbed and, though not on par
with even the standard throughout the Periphery, its level of technology no longer relies completely on manual
labor and beasts of burden. Unfortunately, that advancement comes with a price. Once considered nothing more
than an agricultural world where Periphery wanderers could replenish their water supplies and possibly gather
some local food, New St. Andrews is becoming more and more of a target for pirates and raiders.

+++[3097] Jacob Bannson borne on St. Andre

[3132] From the moment it was colonized, St. Andre was at the forefront of interstellar politics. This was
remarkable for a planet that was effectively a desert world. Most of St. Andre’s two continents is covered in red
desert. On the northern continent of Ravensglade, the terrain is flat and featureless. Because Ravensglade is
located above the arctic circle, it is cold and frozen for six months of the year. It was there that the original Star
League built a base to protect the planet with one of its many military divisions. Ravensglade produces petroleum
and coal, as well as a small amount of uranium. Only a small portion of St. Andre’s population lives on
Ravensglade. Most of the planet’s population is located on Georama, the larger and more hospitable of the two
continents. Situated in the southern and equatorial regions, Georama is a hot desert environment in contrast with
its northern neighbor. The capital of St. Andre is Jerome, located on Georama.

St. Andre’s prestige comes from its early days, when Capella and the Sarna Supremacy were at war. Elite troops
from St. Andre were used to aid the worlds Palos and Wei in 2305. It was on St. Andre that the leaders from the
Sarna Supremacy, the Tikonov Grand Union, the Liao Protectorate, the Sian, and the St. Ives governments voted
on and formed the Capellan Confederation in July 2366.

The planet became an object of Davion focus in 3007, when they sent the Dragoons to raid the megafactory of
Seluk Electronics Ltd. Then, during the Fourth Succession War, Davion forces invaded and captured the planet.
When the Federated Commonwealth split, the Capellan banner flew over St. Andre once again.

During the Jihad, St. Andre was attacked on three different occasions by Blakist forces. The Blakists were after
the Star League base that had been renovated and put to good use by the CCAF. Conventional methods were
used twice. For the third attempt, chemical weapons were used. In a twist of fate, the prevailing trade winds blew
the deadly gas back in the faces of the attackers, decimating their ranks. When Devlin Stone made his claim for
St. Andre, the planet did not go willingly.

++++[Dec. 9, 3134] St. Andre under attack by House Liao.
++++[Dec. 11, 3134] Jerome, capital city of St Andre, falls to Liao forces.
++++[Dec. 17, 3134] Erik Sandoval-Groell arrives on St Andre.
++++[Dec. 24, 3134] St Andre secured for Swordsworn, after Duke Sandoval arrives with reinforcements.
+[Late Feb., 3135] Swordsworn forces forced off St. Andre by Capellan forces.
++[March 5, 3135] DropShip Burning Starways arrives on St. Andre.
++[March 19, 3135] A company from McCarron's Armored Cavalry leads a parade through capital city of St

[3132] St. Andre was originally part of the Capellan Confederation until the creation of The Republic. St. Andre
became part of Prefecture V under the control of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress
Republic was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] St. Andre was released from the official control of The Republic, by this time House Liao had already
retaken St. Andre.

After being released from The Republic, St. Andre was taken by the Capellan Confederation, House Liao.
Inner Sphere Planets
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St. Andre
Star Type: K7III
Position in System: 5 (of 10)
Number of Moons: 1 (St. Michael)
Days to Jump Point: 4
Surface Water: 34%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 1.0
Equatorial Temp: 65° C
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Population: 4,429,335,000
Capital: Jerome
Governor: Ann Plodinec
Planetary Legate: Therese Toussaint
Continents: Georama, Ravensglade
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