Belonging to Maximilian Liao's daughter, Candance, the planet Liao is the ancestral home of the Liao family, but
in all other respects is a fairly insignificant backwater. Following several spoiling raids during the Succession
Wars, the last three Chancellors have seen fit to maintain a local garrison on the planet. Today, elements of the
Capellan Hussars use Liao for summer training maneuvers. The Liao family maintains a palatial residence in the
northern hemisphere. Otherwise, the planet remains largely uninteresting militarily or industrially.

[3025] Recent reports indicate Maximilian has shifted elements of the Warrior House LuSann regiment to Liao
for "special maneuvers," though the reason for these maneuvers remains unclear.

[3063] One of House Liao newest military academies, the Liao Conservatory of Military Arts was established
four years ago. The first class of graduates entered military service in 3062, too much acclaim. Half of them went
to the newly formed Heritage Guard regiment of the Capellan Hussars, which may handpick from each graduating
class. Another significant portion of that class entered service with the Forth Tau Ceti Regulars, at that unit's

So far, the Conservatory is living up to its promise to bring out the best in its students. Nicknamed the "thinking
warrior's academy" for its devotion to meditation and its emphasis on individual effort, this facility is more
concerned with accentuating personal strengths than with shaping its students to fit a recognized mold. Most
courses are self-paced, allowing recruits to speed through subject areas for which they demonstrate particular
aptitude. A recruit who passes a test in one area may use the time saved to focus on other subjects or practices,
either those he finds difficult or those he enjoys most. Regardless of a student's progress, they are never allowed
to forget that they are at the academy because they wish to be there, in service to House Liao.

[3132] The ancestral home of Chancellor Daoshen Liao, the planet was placid and completely ordinary,
distinguished from its neighbors only by its immense grasslands, some stretching across each of Liao’s three
continents: Northern, Southern, and the island continent of Anderia. Elias Liao settled Liao in 2189 after leaving
Terra. He originally named the planet after his dead wife, Cynthiana. This 47-year-old former president proved
himself an administrative genius. Within a year of settling the planet, Elias arranged for the importation of several
dozen varieties of livestock, including several expensive Eridani horses. The planet’s inhabitants invested the last
of their monetary reserves—and their gamble paid off. Cynthiana became a major supplier of livestock and
processed meat to the local worlds. When Elias died, the people changed the name of the planet in his honor.

Liao has seen its share of war. Early during the Fourth Succession War, Davion captured the planet. When the
Chaos March formed in late 3057, House Liao was able to regain control. To ensure that Liao would never fall
again, a veteran brigade was garrisoned. When the Jihad came to Liao, the Capellans were mysteriously
prepared. Unlike what happened on Outreach or Northwind, the Capellans struck first. Using chemical weapons
and massed artillery fire, they hammered the Blakist units, and the Capellans were able to hold the planet. But
their victory was Pyrrhic at best. Anderia was rendered uninhabitable, and the planet suffered horrible casualties.

After the defeat of the Blakists, Liao was forced to become a member of The Republic. The Chancellor,
however, was not going to let that stand. In 3101, a “grass roots” war to take back all the worlds House Liao
had lost to The Republic began, and escalated for several years. Then, in 3111, a junior lieutenant was offered a
bribe to allow an unauthorized DropShip to land on Liao. This allowed the Capellan forces to launch an attack
that slaughtered Republican civilians, including the young lieutenant’s parents. The violence from the previous nine
years had escalated into a full-blown war. With the war over and order restored, Liao moved on, except for the
young lieutenant. He simply disappeared, and is listed as missing in action.

Monday August 7, 3132] HPG Network on Liao goes down.

[3132] Liao was originally part of the Capellan Confederation.  After the creation of The Republic it was forced
become part of The Republic. Liao became the seat of Prefecture V. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress
Republic was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Liao was was one of the many planets released from the control of The Republic.

[3135] Liao became the seat of the Capellan Confederation, House Liao once again.
Inner Sphere Planets
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Star Type: K5V
Position in System: 3 (of 9)
Number of Moons: 1 (Elias’ Promise)
Days to Jump Point: 4
Surface Water: 5%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 1.05
Equatorial Temp: 30° C
Highest Native Life: Reptiles
Population: 2,395,427,000
Captial: Chang-an
Governor: Anna Lu Pohl
Planetary Legate: Viktor Ruskoff
Continents: Anderia, Northern,
House Liao
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