Jonathan is a dry world, with many mountain ranges. The capital city is Dust Hill.

[2357] During the Tikonov Union's campaign to capture Jonathan from the Sarna Supremacy, General Teng
learned that a number of locals had murdered several Union scouts prior to the assault, and was determined to
have his pound of flesh.

General Teng was a combination traditionalist and eccentric. In this age of modern, mechanized warfare, he made
it a point of commanding whenever possible from horseback. On this occasion, Teng ordered the guards to round
up the populace, about 3000 of them, and march them out of the city. Once they were surrounded, he ordered
his troops to open fire, directing their fire indiscriminately into the huddled masses of unarmed human beings.

As children died beside their parents and entire families alongside their neighbors, Teng swore the firing should
not stop until the blood reached his horse's knees. As providence would have it, moments later Teng's horse
stumbled and fell, his knees touching the ground. This fall was not so surprising considering Teng weighed over
300 pounds. The superstitious troopers took it for an omen that enough was enough, and the firing died away as
Teng was helped to the rear area.

Following Jonathon's recapture, the survivors of the massacre, with the dry humor typical of so many Sarns,
erected a statue in honor of Teng's horse.

[3022] Maximillian offered up control of Jonathan to Michael Hasek-Davion if he would attack his brother
Hanse.  The arrangement was never completed.

[3132] Highspire was originally part of the Capellan Confederation.  After the creation of The Republic it
remained so. Highspire never became part of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic
was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Highspire witnessed the release of many planets from the control of The Republic.

[3135] Highspire remains part of the Capellan Confederation, House Liao.

*[January 18, 3140] Backed by his cousin, Duke Aaron Sandoval moved his Sword Sworn forces into the
Highspire system.  His forces have not landed nor do they have permission to be in Liao space.  Jiu Soon Lah's
requests for communications go unanswered.

[February 23, 3140]  Support forces from House Davion arrive to support the Duke's men.

[March 23, 3140] Planetfall....The Duke's forces land on the planet and begin assaulting the world.  Fore warned
and well prepared the Capellan forces are ready for the assault.  However, both Erik and Aaron are on the
battlefield...will it turn the tide and strike a blow for Aaron or will the Capellans repell the weaker Davion
Inner Sphere Planets
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Days to Jump Point: N/A
Surface Water: N/A
Atm. Pressure: N/A
Surface Gravity: N/A
Equatorial Temp: N/A
Highest Native Life: N/A
Population: N/A
Capital: Dust Hill
Governor: N/A
Planetary Legate: N/A
Continents: N/A
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