Zurich is a pleasant world with a temperate atmosphere. When recent investigations into the jungles of Zurich's
southern continent uncovered the remains of a Star League Dropship with three BattleMechs aboard, the planet's
leaders immediately cleared the site and built a museum around the artifacts. This popular new addition to Zurich's
other numerous tourist attractions also includes an amusement park and an opera house.

The military presence on Zurich is minimal. Warriors are sometimes spacelifted there for R&R, but the lack of
strategic significance and economic resources makes it one of the most benignly neglected of Liao worlds. It is,
nevertheless, one of Maximilian Liao's personal favorites, and so unofficially receives tax advantages and favored
trade status that has induced an artificial prosperity on the planet.

The capital of Zurich is Daosha.

[3132] Zurich was originally part of the Federated Suns until the creation of The Republic.  Zurich became part of
Prefecture VI under the control of The Republic.  After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was
created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Zurich was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Zurich fell back under the influence of the Capellan Confederation.
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Inner Sphere Planets
Star Type: N/A
Position in System: N/A
Number of Moons: N/A
Days to Jump Point: N/A
Surface Water: N/A
Atm. Pressure: N/A
Surface Gravity: N/A
Equatorial Temp: N/A
Highest Native Life: N/A
Population: N/A
Capital: Daosha
Governor: N/A
Planetary Legate: N/A
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