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[2918] AFFS opened its offensive with attacks on contested worlds as well as heavy raids into the Draconis
Combine against the planet Lapida II, as well as other worlds held by the Combine. Davion commanders
managed to catch the Combine garrisons on Lima and McComb off guard, and succeeded in pushing them off the
planet within three months. The raids into Combine space were also successful as Davion ‘Mechs managed to
loot and destroy three major DCMS supply centers.

+[3067] During the glory days of the Star League, Nimakachi Fusion Products' influence spanned the Inner
Sphere, with factories dotted across the member-states. Tematagi in the Free Worlds League was the company's
home, however, a corporate world reminiscent of Irian or Keystone. The Draconis Combine was Nimakachi's
largest "foreign" market, and in 2602 Nimakachi purchased the bankrupt Sendai mining complex in the city of
Mulifanua on Lapida II, transforming the subterranean complex into a self-contained manufacturing enclave.
Nimakachi-Lapida soon prospered. Nicknamed "Tematagi Minor" by many in the workforce, it earned contracts
from the DCMS and the SLDF. Today, the twin factories of Lapida and Tematagi remain intertwined with the
two militaries, aided by the loose provisions of the Concord of Kapteyn. The Lapida/Tematagi Minor plant
produces 'Mechs under contract to the DCMS (the signature Spider as well as the Venom and Bishamon), while
the original Tematagi plant produces designs for the FWLM (notably the Vulcan and the Spider).[+ End]

NiMaKach i Fusion products (NikFus)
Main Plant Locations
: Kamagawa (Tematagi), Baron (Dalton), Lapida II/Tematagi Minor (Draconis Combine)
CEO: James Sommers
Main Products (Nimakachi of Tematagi): Spider and Vulcan BattleMechs
Main Products (Nimakachi of Dalton): Condor and Octopus-class DropShips

[3132] Lapida II was originally part of the Draconis Combine. After the creation of The Republic it remained so.
After the fall of the HPG Network, Fortress Republic was created and many of the worlds under its control were
set free.
[3135] Lapida II witnessed the release of many planets from the control of The Republic.

[3135] Lapida II remained part of the Draconis Combine, House Kurita, after Fortress Republic was created.
Lapida II
Star Type: N/A
Position in System: N/A
Number of Moons: N/A
Days to Jump Point: N/A
Surface Water: N/A
Atm. Pressure: N/A
Surface Gravity: N/A
Equatorial Temp: N/A
Highest Native Life: N/A
Population: N/A
Capital: Klanthis
Governor: N/A
Planetary Legate: N/A
Continents: N/A
House Kurita
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