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A world of modest mineral or agricultural wealth, but rich in raw hydrocarbons, Biham became a haven for
industrial magnates who still saw a future in petrochemical fuels. Coal, oil, and natural gas refineries formed the
central businesses, around which settlements sprang up, even on the polar continent of Borellas. The runaway
mining, drilling, and petrochemical processing rapidly devastated what had proven to be an extremely fragile
ecosystem. By the time the planetary government finally stepped in to regulate the industries, the damage was so
extreme travelers were urged to stay clear of the planet for health considerations, and all material shipped
off-world had to undergo decontamination at special orbital outposts.

Only Yoshimatsu Chemicals, one of the Draconis Combine's greatest chemical corporations, with its track record
for rigorous safety procedures and strict clean-air guidelines, met the harsh restrictions suddenly imposed by the
planetary government. Yoshimatsu today maintains the most extensive chemical facilities in the system, including
processing centers on both moons, and even a space-fuel refinery over Tiberius, the smaller of the Biham
system's gas giants.

Apart from Borellas, Biham also has two temperate continents, Hoshina and Quang-tze. Siang, the planetary
capital and home to Yoshimatsu Chemical's corporate headquarters - as well as a sprawling plastics and
polymers plant - is located on the north shore of Hoshina.

[3025] In a freak accident two years ago, a Yoshimatsu worker fell into a vat of polymers. Since then, there have
been endless rumors that his ghost now stalks the corridors of the plant. The rumor has now grown even more
elaborate, with the ghost sightings reported in a half-dozen different plants on as many worlds. Although workers
cannot leave their jobs over such a baseless fear, employee morale is low in most plants and trouble may be

[3132] Biham was originally part of the Draconis Combine. After the creation of The Republic it remained so.
Biham never became part of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was created
and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Biham witnessed the release of many planets from the control of The Republic.

[3135] Biham remains part of the Draconis Combine, House Kurita.
Star Type: A0VI
Position in System: 1 (of 3)
Number of Moons: 2 (Kyoko, Valus)
Days to Jump Point: 52
Surface Water: 52%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Tainted)
Surface Gravity: 0.84
Equatorial Temp: 37° C
Highest Native Life: Amphibian
Population: 12,438,000
Capital: Siang
Governor: N/A
Planetary Legate: N/A
Continents: Boreallis, Hoshina,
House Kurita
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