Capital of the Draconis Combine's Al Na'ir Prefecture.

The inhospitable planets in the Al Na'ir system would have been ignored if the asteroids had not been rich in rare
metals. Since Star League days, many space-mining companies have populated the asteroids. A small
BattleMech factory was built in one of the asteroids, taking advantage of the zero gravity. After the large portions
of 'Mechs are constructed there, they are sent to the planet Al Na'ir to be assembled and tested. The BattleMech
facility was a joint venture by Luthien Armor Works and Alshain Weapons. Damaged in 3010, the plant is only
recently back in production. Al Na'ir itself is barren and has thin atmosphere. Currently, two BattleMech
regiments are on the planet, the 8th and 15th Dieron Regulars, both excellent fighters in Zero-G atmosphere.

[3132] As in Prefecture III, the capital world of Prefecture II is actually one of its least hospitable planets.          
Al Na’ir, fifth from its parent star, is the only rock in its system even remotely capable of supporting life, with a
sulfur-tainted atmosphere too thin for unassisted breathing and a surface water supply limited almost exclusively to
the polar icecaps. Despite these drawbacks, Al Na’ir was one of the Draconis Combine’s more heavily
industrialized border worlds in its heyday, home at one time to the Yori MechWorks, manufacturer of the galaxy-
renowned Atlas, and Scarborough Manufacturers, makers of the Pegasus, Scimitar and other conventional
combat vehicles. The Azami, a Muslim sect, initially settled Al Na’ir as a base of operations for a mining industry,
focused on the plentiful mineral-rich asteroids in the system. When the Combine took over, two of its largest
military corporations—Luthien Armor Works and Alshain Weapons—exploited these valuable resources by
subsidizing military industries on the planet. Yori MechWorks was established on Yori, the largest of the asteroids
that orbit between Al Na’ir and the fourth planet in the system, Al Abila. Scarborough Manufacturers was
founded on the smaller southern continent of Scarborough, from which it took its name. Perhaps in part because
of the initial Azami presence, coupled with the Combine’s xenophobic attitude toward non-Japanese cultures, the
Kuritan leadership eventually established the Combine’s School for Cultural Investigation on Al Na’ir’s barren
surface. Despite the extremely inhospitable locale, many Combine citizens flocked to Al Na’ir to study the
benefits and drawbacks of the non-Japanese cultures that thrived in realms beyond the reach of House Kurita. By
the time of the Clan Invasion, Al Na’ir had become an important part of the Combine’s strategic infrastructure
and economy, with a population nearing one billion, including those who lived in the mining and refining stations in
the asteroid belt. The planet remained under heavy defensive guard by the Combine, though raids and assaults
were infrequent, even by the Dragon’s closest enemies. When the Blakist Jihad hit, however, Al Na’ir’s luck
changed for the worse. Employing a battle fleet of fighter-carrying DropShips, backed up by mercenary ’Mech
forces, the Word of Blake systematically ravaged Yori MechWorks’ asteroid mining and manufacturing centers,
simultaneously striking the planet’s surface defensive units. The assault crippled the central planetary industry,
destroyed Yori’s surface assembly plant, and left millions dead as domed cities were breached in the heavy
fighting, including the former capital of Homai-Zaki. Today, only Scarborough Manufacturers—which now
produces more heavy construction vehicles than fighting craft—and a handful of underground settlements linked
to decimated mining operations remain. Devlin Stone’s relocation plan and efforts to restore the less devastated
settlements helped lure people back to Al Na’ir, many of whom took up residence in the new prefecture capital
city of Phoenix, located on the northern plains of Cedar Rock, Al Na’ir’s larger continent. The planetary capital
of Homai-Zaki, repaired and repressurized after the Jihad, is on Cedar Rock as well.

[3132] Al Na'ir was originally part of the House Kurita until the creation of The Republic. Al Na'ir became part
of Prefecture II under the control of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was
created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Al Na'ir was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Al Na'ir became part of House Kurita once again.
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House Kurita
Al Na'ir
Star Type: A9III
Position in System: 5 (of 5)
Number of Moons: 1 (Taliswan)
Days to Jump Point: 24
Surface Water: 30%
Atm. Pressure: Low (Tainted)
Surface Gravity: 0.60
Equatorial Temp: 35° C
Highest Native Life: None
Population: [3024] 64,100,000
[3067] 65,346,500
[3132] 64,000,000
Capital: Homai-Zaki
Governor: Reinaldo Tormark
Planetary Legate: Zachary O’Mallory
Continents: Cedar Rock, Scarborough
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