Star Type: G2V
Position in System: 3 (of 9)
Number of Moons: 1 (Luna)
Days to Jump Point: 9
Surface Water: 75%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 1.00
Equatorial Temp: 30° C
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Population: [2780] 12,000,000,000
[3063] 6,012,000,000                
[3132] 4,678,000,000
Capital: Geneva
Governor: Richard Guliani
Planetary Legate: Helen Richter
Continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia,
Australia, Europe, North America,
South America
Terra was, without doubt, the most beautiful planet in the universe when the Star League was in full flower. By the
26th century, technology had eliminated pollution. This coupled with the exodus of more than three-forths of the
planet's population over the years, allowed Terra to regain some of her natural beauty. Forests grew back over
abandoned farms, streams and rivers washed themselves clean, and the air became sweet again.

by Mother Nature. The cities that remained, usually ones with great historical significance, were restored and
improved to take advantage of modern transportation and sanitation. Heavy industries were confined to parks
outside the cities.

During the years of the Star League, there were two capitals on Terra. The capital of planetary and Hegemony
politics was Geneva, on the continent of Europe. It had little industrial importance but was the center of the
Hegemony bureaucracy, with more than 100 government buildings. The seizure of Terra by troops of Stefan
Amaris in 2766 caused extensive damage to the city, especially to the government buildings of their precious
records. Today it is the location of Earth University, a major liberal arts college.

worlds. Every crater, every crushed city, every defacing of a Terran landmark seemed twice as upsetting because
it was a wound against the Cradle of Humanity. All five continents were touched in some way by the Amaris
occupation or the fight to liberate the planet. North America suffered the most damage, especially around the
capital of the Star League. The Court of the Star League, once called "the brightest jewel worn by Mother Earth,"
was turned into a city of ghosts by the coup. The initial fighting caused considerable damage to the city. Once
there, the conquerors became more systematic in their destruction. Buildings were demolished on a whim, or left
to stand, only to be desecrated in some foul way.

After its liberation in 2780, the city could still support thousands, but those who had fled did not return. The few
who had been in the city during the Amaris occupation left soon after the shooting was over. They said that too
many every things had happened in the city, that the city had to be haunted. It is easy to see why they thought this.
The buildings' soaring architecture contrasts uneasily with the horrors that went on inside them. Now, only the
curious, criminals looking for sanctuary, and ComStar's archaeologists willingly venture into the Court of the Star
League. Over the years, the removal of artifacts from the city has produced many discoveries. Soon the city will
be left empty.

Other places of major importance are the 20 HRAD (Hegemony Research and Development) facilities scattered
across the planet, the 10 known HMSL (Hegemony Military Science Labs), the 20 Castles Brian, and the 500
SLDF bases.

[3132]The home world of humanity, Terra was the crown jewel of the galaxy when the Star League was in full
bloom. Plagued by overcrowding and pollution in the years before mankind went to the stars, the land, air, and
seas were clean once again by the twenty-sixth century, while the greatest of the planet's many cities were
restored and improved. At the time of the Star League, Terra had two capital cities: Geneva, on the European
continent, for the planet, and Unity City, capital of the Star League, on the North American continent. During the
Amaris crisis, however, much of Terra's splendor was marred by the Usurper's troops, who obliterated several
Castles Brian, the Star League Court, and many of the planet's most important cities during the coup, occupation,
and liberation of Terra. Even today, all seven of Terra's main land masses "North America, Europe, and Asia in
the north hemisphere; South America, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica in the southern"still bear the scars and
memorials of the Star League's final days. However, the rise and fall of Amaris' short-lived empire was not the
only event to lay waste to the Cradle of Humanity. As allied forces converged on Terra to end the Word of
Blake's control of the world in the waning days of the Jihad, the surviving Blakist forces in the Terran system
resorted to fanatical scorched-earth tactics and suicide assaults that caused even more widespread destruction.
The ancient cities of Berlin, Paris, and Rome on the European continent, Moscow, Tokyo, and New Delhi in
Asia, Cairo in Africa, and much of the Eastern Megalopolis in North America, all suffered extensive damage from
tactical nuclear weapons and heavy urban warfare. Hilton Head, the former command center for ComStar and
the Word of Blake when they held sway over Terra, was destroyed in the fighting, along with five of the planet's
surviving Castles Brian. When Devlin Stone established The Republic of the Sphere, he commissioned the
reconstruction of the historic and critically damaged planetary capital, Geneva, to serve again, not just as the
capital of Terra, but of the entire Republic.

In addition to Terra herself, colonies exist on the Terran lunar surface, and the fourth planet in the system, Mars.
At the peak of the Star League, settlements also existed on Venus, the second world, and a major shipyard was
placed orbiting Titan, a moon of the gas giant Saturn, but both of these worlds are once more void of human
habitation. Venus gradually reverted to its hellish environment after the fall of the League, becoming totally
uninhabitable once again by the close of the thirty-first century, and the Titan shipyards were destroyed during the
Jihad. The capital cities of Luna and Mars are Luna City and Koryo, respectively, though Koryo was heavily
damaged in the final days of the Word of Blake's reign.

[3132] Terra was originally part of the Terran Alliance, the Terran Hegemony, and the Star League, until the
creation of The Republic. Terra became part of Prefecture X under the control of The Republic.  After the fall of
the HPG Network Fortress Republic was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Terra remained part of The Republic and is now under its protection, inside the Fortress Republic.
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