Star Type: G4IV
Position in System: 1 (of 5)
Number of Moons: 1 (Neville)
Days to Jump Point: 8
Surface Water: 66%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 0.99
Equatorial Temp: 34° C
Highest Native Life: Birds
Population: 1,065,000,000
Capital: Findler
Governor: Clarence Whitman
Planetary Legate: Ramier Burr
Continents: Arbergeiht, Goldwynn,
Spinna Planetia
Another early Terran colony world, established during humanity's first tentative steps to the stars, the features that
drew many to New Home were the planet's pleasant and temperate climate, mountainous, resource-rich
highlands, and many freshwater lakes and rivers. Industries looking to exploit the planet's mineral, chemical, and
metal wealth flocked to New Home and set up shop with scores of hopeful young settlers looking to eke out a
living on a brave new world.

the coastal regions and mountain settlers looking to eke out a living on a brave new world. The large,
pole-to-pole super-continent of Spina bases. Many more, however, found the two secondary continents of
Goldwynn and Arbergeiht, both Planetia, dominated by a central mountain chain called the Great Spine
Mountains, drew the majority of located in the southern hemisphere, equally suitable for habitation, and there they
set up smaller towns and agricultural communities. Findler, the capital city, was built on the northeastern plains of
Spina Planetia, kilometers to the south.

When the Terran Hegemony placed New Home under its aegis, the world's strategic location, so close to Terra,
necessitated the placement of an elaborate space defense network on the planet and in orbit around it. Much to
the SLDF's dismay, this network fell under the control of the Usurper's troops when the Amaris crisis began, and
the entire marvel of Star League military engineering had to be destroyed in the campaign to liberate Terra.

Ruled by the Capellans after the fall of the League, New Home was frequently raided by the Free Worlds League
and the Federated Suns, and ultimately became part of the Federated Commonwealth after the Fourth
Succession War. When the Commonwealth fractured in 3057, New Home was left without any direction, and fell
into anarchy that only ended when the Word of Blake managed to seize control during their effort to establish a
buffer zone around Terra. Unlike other worlds, New Home hardly resisted the change in leadership, preferring
the rule of the fanatics to total chaos. This allowed the Blakists to stage several major operations from the planet
in relative security. The fighting to liberate New Home and break the Jihad caused widespread damage, which
The Republic of the Sphere has invested a great deal of time and resources to undo.

[3132] New Home was originally part of the Chaos Marches, and then part of the Word of Blake.  After the
Jihad and the the creation of The Republic. New Home became part of Prefecture X under the control of The
Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was created and many of the worlds under its
control were set free.
[3135] New Home remained part of The Republic and is now under its protection, inside the Fortress Republic.
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