Star Type: G6IV
Position in System: 5 (of 8)
Number of Moons: None
Days to Jump Point: 7
Surface Water: [3058] 75%
[3132] 73%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 0.94
Equatorial Temp: 27° C
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Population: [2780] 5,300,000,000
[3024] 4,573,000,000
[3132] 3,294,000,000
Capital: Normandy
Governor: Jonathon Hunsen-Lane
Planetary Legate: Daria Skoglund
until the breakup of the Star League in the late 28th century, when Capellan troops occupied the system without
incident. Located here are extensive commercial centers. Keid has greatly benefited from reclaimed Star League
technology, and today supports many military installations, extensive training facilities, and scientific research
complexes. Its pleasant climate has also attracted numerous noble families, who have carved out substantial land
holdings through the generations. The planet also boasts extensive commercial ore deposits. In later years the
planet also became home to several training centers for Maskirovka covert-operations personnel.

After the Federated Commonwealth captured the world during the Forth Succession War, Keid - along with the
other worlds of the newly named Sarna March - came under the rule of Archon Melissa Steiner-Davion. The
Archon's benevolent rule seems to have fostered strong pro-Lyran loyalties among Keid's populace, loyalties that
remain evident today.

Despite the Population's pre-Lyran sentiments, Keid's inhabitants never developed strong loyalties to the
Federated Commonwealth. Following Melissa Steiner-Davion's death, many Keidans became openly critical of
Prince Victor Steiner-Davion. These sentiments apparently laid the groundwork for the short-lived anti-Davion
rebellion that occurred following the recent Marik-Liao invasion of the Sarna March.

The rebel leader - identified as Roland Carpenter - exploited the population's religious fervor and moral outrage
as well in his attacks on Duke Joseph Hunsen. Revelations about the duke's relations with a pair of underaged
twins with ties to a known agent of the Draconis Combine led to his ultimate fall from power.

Within a week, however, Carpenter mysteriously disappeared, and planetary militia leaders installed the late
duke's daughter, Duchess Arice Hunsen, in power. The duchess immediately ordered the execution of several
rebel leaders, granted amnesty to rebel fighters and pledged her loyalty to Archon Katrina Steiner-Davion's newly
proclaimed Lyran Alliance. The Archon responded by sending the Thirteenth Lyran Guards to garrison the planet.

Although the planet seems firmly entrenched in the Lyran camp, Keid remains isolated from the Lyran Alliance.
Kuritan peacekeepers on Rigel Kentares, ComStar troops on Terra, and the government of the newly formed
Sirian Holds have all announced their intentions to prevent any military vessels from passing through their systems.
However, this isolation has not yet prevented the government of Keid from espousing a pro-Lyran military and
openly persecuting Davion sympathizers.

Roughly three quarters of Keid is covered by saltwater oceans. The planet's landmass is comprised of three
mountainous, heavily wooded continents.

[3132] One of the first worlds colonized in the first Terran exodus, Keid’s fertile lands and predictable climate led
the first settlers to establish their home as a major agricultural and food-production world. The discovery of
several major deposits of rare metals and chemicals during the Star League era further enhanced Keid's
importance to the Terran Hegemony, and several major agribusinesses, food companies, mining One of the first
worlds colonized in the first Terran exodus, Keid's fertile lands and predictable climate led operations, and heavy
industries established offices and facilities on Keid. The SLDF posted two Castles Brian (Forts Grisson and
Settlemyer) and a naval academy on Keid, as well as the planet wide Academy of Keid, a civilian college focused
on the study of metallurgy, economics, and diplomacy.

During the Amaris crisis, three of the four college campuses were destroyed, along with both Castles Brian and
the naval academy. Several cities, all the null-gravity factory stations established by some of the planet's largest
industrial concerns, and a space-borne shipyard were also obliterated by the Usurper's troops. Fortunately for
Keid, however, Amaris' forces did not resort to the same use of nuclear and biological weapons they used on
other Hegemony worlds, and enough of the planet's economic and administrative infrastructure survived the
fighting to allow Keid to recover from the scars of war.

Today, after centuries under Capellan rule, and later Federated Commonwealth control, Keid is home to
extensive commercial the first settlers to establish their home as a major agricultural and food-production world.
The discovery and ore-mining industries that continue to thrive on all three of the planet's mountainous, heavily
wooded continents. Ballard-Dukempic Foods, the revitalized food conglomerate with roots going back to the
Star League's heyday, maintains its home offices in New Leningrad, the largest city on the northern continent of
Keid Prime. The planet's largest mining community, DuGatts, is located on the southwestern continent of
Mirange, and is also home to Jugens Metals Enterprises, an ore-refining and metalworking corporation that
provides finished raw metals to various businesses on and off the planet. The southern polar continent of
Acitaratna is less developed than the other two landmasses, largely because the extreme cold and thick glaciers
make for poor settlement options. Nevertheless, Acitaratna is home to the largest of Keid's natural gas mining
operations, located off the continent's farthest north shore and connected via underwater tunnel to the
subterranean city of Ramey's Point. The planetary capital and largest spaceport on Keid is Normandy, a large
industrial city two hundred kilometers northwest of New Leningrad.

[3132] Keid was originally part of the Word of Blake until the creation of The Republic. Keid became part of
Prefecture X under the control of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was
created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Keid remained part of The Republic and is now under its protection, inside the Fortress Republic.
Inner Sphere Planets
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