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[3132] When the news of the Marik-Liao invasion reached the planet Hall, the defending Forth Republican
prepared to fend off an assault that never came. Instead of mounting a direct attack, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao
directed his agents to foment a rebellion and so claim the world for the Capellan Confederation, but the Forth
ruthlessly crushed the rebel movement. Though the Forth felt no particular loyalty to House Davion to justify its
brutal actions, Hall's former status as part of the Tikonov Free Republic meant the unit loved the Capellan
Confederation even less.
service on the front lines. Its history of vocal anti-Davion sentiment, discipline problems, and the current rumors of
the unit recruiting out-of-work mercenaries after conducting only superficial background checks put the Forth
firmly into the unreliable category. When Archon Katrina Steiner-Davion invited all Lyran units currently serving in
the Sarna March to return to the new Lyran Alliance, the commander of the Forth Republican, Leftenant General
William "Bud" Baranov, recognized the message hidden in the Archon's speech: the mighty Federated
Commonwealth was breaking apart.

After a quick meeting with his officers, Baranov led his troops against the capital city of Harney, casually swatting
the poorly organized opposition and crowning himself Emperor of hall. Though the unit secured only the capital,
most of the planet's populace fell in line out of fear of what the unpredictable commander would do next. Only
Count McNally, who controlled a sizeable region of land east of the capital, possessed sufficient military strength
and economic assets to counter Emperor Baranov. Convinced that Baranov's next move would be against him,
Count McNally hired mercenaries from Outreach to augment his own 'Mech forces, then settled in to wait.

Emperor Baranov had too much trouble in his own court to worry much about McNally. Several of Baranov's
men had rebelled against him, and the two sides skirmished almost daily in Harney's streets. A city untouched by
the conflict since the First Succession War, Harney was rapidly falling to ruins. When Baranov finally drove the
rebels outside Harney, that faction claimed several southern cities as its territory, and rumor has it that members
of that faction have begun fighting amongst themselves.

All three sides continue to administer their small portions of Hall, occasionally fighting each other for supplies of
territory. Emperor Baranov controls the only interstellar transport on Hall and uses it to conduct pirate raids in an
effort to feed his troops and subjects. The Emperor is also attempting to gain sole control over the ComStar
compound in Harney so that he can deny his enemies access to interstellar communication. ComStar continues to
block these efforts, and so Count McNally regularly sends out messages requesting assistance from various
members of the Free Worlds League in ending Emperor Baranov's reign.

Hall's annual precipitation is far below the average for Terra, which gives the planet several large deserts.
Considered one of the most beautiful worlds in known space, Hall owes this reputation to the strange, compelling
rock formations found in each of the planet's deserts. From the air, it can be seen that many of these formations
consist of solid walls of rock about five meters thick and sometimes more than two hundred meters long and of
varying heights. The most unique feature of these formations is that most of the rock walls run parallel to one
another, creating a vast complex of hallways.

[3132] Hall was originally part of the Chaos Marches until the creation of The Republic. Hall became part of
Prefecture VI under the control of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was
created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Hall remained part of The Republic and is now under its protection, inside the Fortress Republic.
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