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Inner Sphere Planets
Fortress Republic
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Chara III
Star Type: G2V
Position in System: 3 (of 10)
Number of Moons: None
Days to Jump Point: 9
Surface Water: 80%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 1.00
Equatorial Temp: 37° C
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Population: 4,180,000,000
Governor: Nadia Liberaratore
Planetary Legate: Jordain Ariadness
[3063] Chara III, a large, moonless planet in Steiner space, has proved to be one of the most contradictory
places in the Inner Sphere. On one hand, the fertile soil readily accepted hybrid plants and produced fruit
abundantly. The world has enough water to make it as natural paradise and to warrant garrisoning a full battalion
outside the major agricultural center of Starpad. Having arrived on a placid day, the first explorer of its surface
had been inspired to name the planet Pacifica.

Yet anyone who has spent any time here has begun to wonder about the peacefulness implied in the world's
name. Being a large body, and lacking a moon, Pacifica rotates every fourteen TST hours. TST, or Terran
Synchronized Time, related the time on any world to a traditional, twenty-four hour clock set to the rising and
setting of the local sun or suns. The twenty-four hour clock divided the local day into twenty-four equal periods,
with 12:00 hours corresponding to local noon. A TST 'hour' was, therefore, variable. Depending on a world's
actual rotation, a TST hour might be shorter than a standard, or 'metric' hour. Pacifica's fast spin gives it a thirty-
five minute hour as well as an unpredictable weather situation. Sudden, unexpected rain or thunderstorms are
common. As many colonists put it, "if you don't like the weather here, just wait a minute and It'll change".

[3132] Legend has it that Chara III received the name Pacifica from its first explorer, who was fortunate enough
to arrive on a placid day. In fact, this water-rich, Terra-like world soon proved to be anything but tranquil to the
colonists who came afterward, though the name stuck, curiously enough. Thanks to a fast rotation fourteen
standard hours, compared to Terra's twenty-four, and the lack of a moon to slow it down, the planet's weather
systems are in constant turmoil. Sudden rain- or thunderstorms rage across the temperate coastal regions, while
fierce blizzards and punishing downpours of freezing rain frequent the northern and southern latitudes' most
coming from skies that seemed clear just minutes before. But even as the natives came to describe their weather
by paraphrasing the favored line of Terra's New England region”if you don't like the weather here, just wait a
minute and it'll change" the planet soon became an agricultural paradise.

Starpad, an agro-commune established soon after the first settlers arrived here, is the largest agriplex on the
planet, situated just 150 kilometers south of the planetary capital city of Farhaven on the northern Azula continent.
During the Succession Wars, in fact, the output of this single, ninety-kilometer-diameter patch of farmland was so
great that its exports to agriculturally poorer neighbors prompted the need for a full battalion of permanent
garrison troops. Many raids by House Kurita were launched against this planet, despite the impressive garrison.
Perhaps the worst of the fighting occurred between Combine forces as the defending mercenary Kell Hounds
regiment on the eve of the Fourth Succession War, when the planet was briefly invaded.

During the Jihad, as part of their strategy of terror and confusion, Blakist agents attempted to poison the Starpad
agriplex over the course of several raids, but the local defenders and a few alert civilians thwarted these efforts.
The attack did, however, destroy several crops on the nearby continent of Verdez, though these were restored
shortly after Pacifica became a holding of The Republic of the Sphere. In addition to Azula and Verdez, a third
continent, Rojia, straddles the planetary equator.

Though its location and mountainous coastlines minimize the effects of the planet's worst weather systems, this
landmass is the most underpopulated, largely due to the fact that its interior reaches are almost all desert and
badlands, thanks to a lack of inland river ways and lakes.

[3132] Oliver was originally part of the Free Worlds League until the creation of The Republic. Oliver became
part of Prefecture VIII under the control of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic
was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Oliver remained part of The Republic and is now under its protection, inside the Fortress Republic.
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