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Inner Sphere Planets
Disputed Plantes
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Star Type: F8IV
Position in System: 1 (of 3)
Number of Moons: 3 (Kronus,
Nirvana, & Void)
Days to Jump Point: 12
Surface Water: 79%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 0.83
Equatorial Temp: 29° C
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Population: 2,078,000,000
Capital: Sunder Falls
Governor: Heather Grenistolski
Planetary Legate: Garret Trelesta
Continents: Epimethius, Gehenna,
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[3025] Styk is the ducal holding of Maximillian Liao's commander-in-chief, Duke Pavel Ridzik. It is the second
largest trading and industrial center in the Confederation and the largest interstellar trading planet. The third largest
BattleMech production center surviving in the Confederation is also located on Styk. Troops of Warrior House
Fujita have recently been added to Styk's sizable AeroSpace and naval reserve units.

The capital city of Styk is Charon, but it's industrial heart is Tao City, built around the Tao MechWorks. No
match for the annual output of Earthwerks' Tikonov facilities, Tao MechWorks and its affiliated industries still
account for more than 20% of the Capellan Confederation's industrial output and employ over 5% of the planet's
population. The majority of the population live in several large cities located on the planet's nine continents. These
landmasses cover 22% of Styk's surface; saltwater oceans cover the rest.

[3132] Styx was aptly named by the first settlers to set up colonies on its storm-ravaged surface. Large oceans
and the gravitational effects of its three moons are blamed for the violent storms that rage across the Stygian
surface, often causing damage from flash floods and mudslides during the planet’s rainy seasons. The first
colonists, as a result, settled in the open plains of the interior regions of Epimethius, the primary continent, where
the storms were least volatile. A few short years after the first towns were established, geologists discovered high
quantities of metal and radioactive minerals in the mountain ranges of Epimethius and the smaller, neighboring
continent of Perdition. These deposits lured in mining firms, the largest of which was the Styx Mining Company,
an interstellar corporation that specialized in mining difficult veins of valuable metals and quality refining processes.
Styx came under the sway of the Terran Hegemony more than a century before the birth of the Star League, and
its mineral wealth helped bolster the Hegemony’s economy and military. Perhaps for this reason, the Draconis
Combine came to covet Styx, culminating in the first true battle to use the BattleMech. In 2443, a Combine
armored company raided Styx, intending to seize and plunder several metal refineries on Perdition while testing
the resolve of the Hegemony. The rain-slicked plains slowed the Kuritan tanks, which gave the Hegemony troops
plenty of time to ready their new war machines. On the muddy plains outside the city of Barbados, the two forces
clashed: a lance of Hegemony ’Mechs against a full company of Combine tanks and infantry support. The results
were so lopsided that few could argue the Hegemony’s new BattleMech would not be the future king of the
battlefield. Styx’s mineral wealth attracted many raiders over the centuries, including a major engagement
between Kurita and Davion forces over the Styx Mining Company’s Beta facility near the city of Lake Wio.
Despite these clashes, the Draconis Combine managed to maintain control over this vital if stormy world until the
rise of the Republic in 3081. Styx remains a major exporter of metals and radioactive minerals to the Republic
and the Combine today, with the historically pro-Combine Styx Mining Corporation receiving a huge subsidy
from the Republic to maintain its operations under the new banner. The Styx Mining Corporation’s headquarters
are in Memphis, on Epimethius. The planetary capital, Sunder Falls, is located 120 kilometers northwest of
Memphis. Aside from Epimethius and Perdition, Styx’s third large landmass is the island continent of Gehenna.
Far less populous than the other two regions, Gehenna is home to a large spaceport city, Lindon’s Folly, which is
also home to one of the Styx Mining Company’s large refineries.

[3132] Styx was originally part of the Draconis Combine until the creation of The Republic. Styx became part of
Prefecture II under the control of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was
created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Styx was released from the control of The Republic.

[3140] After being released from The Republic, Styx became independent and is currently *being pressured by
House Kurita to come under their control. Styx wishes to remain independent and continues to ward them off.
However, it appears that it is only a matter of time that Styx will fall, unless help arrives.**
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