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Disputed Plantes
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Pike IV
Star Type: K9IV
Position in System: 4 (of 8)
Number of Moons: None
Days to Jump Point: 3
Surface Water: 37%
Atm. Pressure: High (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 0.97
Equatorial Temp: 38° C
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Population: 1,207,000,000
Capital: Rolfshire, Stratopolis
Governor: Maureen Elaris
*[May 13, 3140] Evan Strau**
Planetary Legate: Carl Snuka
Continents: Blight, Erubis, Karasia
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[3132] High atmospheric pressure and scarce surface water made colonizing Pike IV a difficult prospect, but not
one the early settlers were unwilling to tackle. The majority of this mineral-rich world’s first cities were founded in
the highlands of Erubis and Blight, Pike IV’s two northern continents, where the air pressure was more
manageable. Unfortunately, the colonists soon learned that Pike’s frequent windstorms could do heavy damage at
the higher altitudes unless they took precautions against the unpredictable weather.

Paramus, a trading post and home to Pike’s largest spaceport, became the first of the planet’s major cities to be
surrounded by a large, heavy wall to counteract the high winds. Meanwhile, the supercontinent of Karasia, just
south of Blight and stretching all the way to the planet’s southern pole, boasted fewer high-altitude regions and
claimed the majority of the planet’s landmass, as well as its wealth of metal ores and gemstones. Smaller, sparser
settlements grew on Karasia as the result of stubborn efforts to access the bulk of Pike IV’s wealth. Many of
these were made up of low-slung buildings, sealed against the weather and attached to air-thinning units to make
life in the oppressive environment bearable.

However, no walls were required around the cities because the windstorms across Karasia were milder. An odd
dual society arose from the division between the highlanders of Eribus and Blight and the lowlanders of Karasia.
Symbiotic but fraught with political conflict, the populations of the highlands and lowlands often argued over the
needs of their respective cities and towns. Matters came to a head during the rule of the Star League and the
Terran Hegemony, when SLDF mediators were called in to settle a small brushfire war between highlanders and
lowlanders. After the Star League’s collapse and the ascendance of the Draconis Combine, raiders enjoyed
mixed success trying to use the sociopolitical situation on Pike IV to their advantage. Depending on the political
climate at any given time, resistance to invaders ranged from determined and coordinated to bickering and
ineffective. During one invasion in 3012, attacking ’Mech forces struck Paramus, meeting resistance from both
highlander and lowlander militias. Unfortunately for the defenders, recent political infighting between the two
factions tainted their command structure, leading to poor coordination that allowed the attackers to overwhelm
the city briefly, at a cost of millions of C-bills in damage. The resettlement directives put in place by Devlin Stone
during the creation of the Republic have muted the chronic infighting, but experts believe that as the conflicting
needs of the highlanders and lowlanders become clear to Pike’s new inhabitants, the old rivalries may return.
Unsurprisingly, Pike IV has two capital cities that govern the planet. The lowlander capital, Rolfshire, is located
on the west coast of Karasia, while the highlander capital of Stratopolis is located on Erubis, on a plateau three
hundred kilometers northwest of Paramus.

[3132] Pike IV was originally part of the Draconis Combine until the creation of The Republic.  Pike IV became
part of Prefecture II under the control of The Republic.  After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic
was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Pike IV was released from the control of The Republic.

[3140] After being released from The Republic, Pike IV became independent and is currently *being pressured
by House Kurita and the Vega Territory to come under their control.  Pike IV wishes to remain independent and
continues to ward them off.  General Brampton has comandeered the Thurstrom Industries manufacturing facility
and has converted it to weapons, 'Mech, and Tank manufacturing.**

*[May 13, 3140] House Kurita landed an initial force on the planet, attempting to gain control of the planet.  In
an unprecidented move General Brampton lunched a nuclear strike at the capital city Rolfshire, destroying it and
the invaders.  This move was not has harmful to the planet's population as they had been forced out of the city.  
The Combine has sought to bring Brampton up on war crimes.  Planetary Legate Pro-Tem has denied the
accusations stating; "It was a simple weapons malfunction."  It is doubtful that the Combine will conquer the world
without taking heavy losses.  The transition to the new capital was seamless.  The only major loss was Maureen
Elaris, who sacrificed her life to defend the planet.  By instigating a negotiation with the invaders she bought the
populace enough time to finalize their evacuation before the nuclear strike occurred.   Evan Strau has taken her
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