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Inner Sphere Planets
Disputed Plantes
* Information supplied is non-cannon ** End of non-cannon information
Star Type: G2II
Position in System: 8 (of 10)
Number of Moons: 1 (Aiken)
Days to Jump Point: 9
Surface Water: 63%
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 1.0
Equatorial Temp: 20° C Highest
Native Life: Mammals
Population: 35,758,000
Governor: Jasmine Rothen
Planetary Legate: Peter Whatmore
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[3063] Orbiting a long distance from its sun, Acamar is a world of almost constant winter. The vast mines of
precious metals on Acamar's one major continent of Katenga, and various mining operations that also take place
within the Illeudian asteroid belt, made it a jewel in the Capellan Confederation's crown for centuries. The Liao
government gave Acamar's nobility the lion's share of profits from the planet's gold and silver trading, and so the
nobles have always been staunchly pro-Liao. The merchant class, however, chafed under the status quo. Eager to
see it changed, they threw their economic weight behind the rebel Pavel Ridzik during the Forth Succession War
and helped to found the Tikonov Free Republic. Upon Ridzik's assassination in 3029, the merchant class voted
class prospered. The nobles, bitterly incensed, no longer had sufficient power to challenge the increasingly
powerful middle class. They nursed their grievances along with their Liaoist loyalties, and bided their time.

When Liao and Marik forces attacked Acamar in 3057, the pro-Liao nobility saw their chance. Acting in concert
with Capellan agents and their own private armies, Acamar's nobles overwhelmed the planetary garrison in a
series of swift attacks. To celebrate their stunning victory, the victorious Liao loyalists forced the captured
garrison troops out into Acamar's brutal winter with scant clothing and supplies. Most of the soldiers died; the
few who survived found shelter were rescued a few days later by Patrick Gladden, the owner of a large silver

Enraged at the thought of Acamar falling back under Capellan sway, Gladden persuaded several of his colleagues
to form the Acamar Merchants Freedom Guild. In their first act, Guild members pooled their resources to hire a
mercenary unit from Outreach to take back the planet. The Tiger Sharks, a combined-arms battalion, hit the
ground running, destroying numerous 'mechs and vehicles and liberating two major cities in their initial
engagements with the Liao forces. After being badly mauled during a major Liao counterattack, however, the
Tiger Sharks attempted an assault on Acamar's capital of Kalskag. Confident of Kalskag's defences, the Liao
government ordered the bulk of its troops to assault the HQ of the Acamar Merchants Freedom Guild in the city
of Flat.

The Tiger Sharks stormed into Kalskag, overrunning the few remaining government troops. They levelled the
capitol building and killed several prominent nobles inside. In Flat, government tanks rolled over much of the city
center, and the leaders of the AMFG fled before the onslaught. With their employers vanished into hiding or
offworld, the Tiger Sharks sought passage off Acamar, returning to Outreach to rebuild and seek a new contract.

No centralized government currently exists on Acamar. Most towns have become independent city-states with
their own laws, many run by former members of the AMFG and others by surviving Liaoist nobles. Acamar's
people have largely ceased fighting and returned to mining, selling the ore to those traders brave enough to travel
through the Chaos March. A remnant of the Acamar Merchants Freedom Guild, determined to see the planet
under the FedCom banner, has set up offices on Outreach, where they hope to raise enough funds to hire more
troops to retake their world.

[3132] Orbiting a great distance from its star, Acamar is a world locked in a perpetual winter. Acamar was
discovered early in the 23rd century by a survey team from Tikonov. The world was described as a constant
winter wonderland. Acamar wasn't considered for colonization until vast titanium ore deposits were located. This
discovery was followed by precious-metal deposits of gold and silver. These vast ore deposits made Acamar a
jewel coveted by Houses Liao, Davion, and Marik.

Acamar's climate did not deter colonists. Though it had three continents and a very large island group, only the
continent of Katenga was suitable for colonization. Even though it was situated in the planet's equatorial region,
even this continent wasn't immune from the winter storms. Katenga has two large valleys where most of the
planet's population is located. Trans-Mahn is the southern valley, where the Mahn River flows and the city of
Huss was founded. The Osz Forest covers the northern approach to the valley, where the Otal foothills separate
Trans-Mahn from Tomahn Moraine. Tomahn is the larger of the two valleys. The capital city Kalskag is located
in the northeastern part of the valley. The second-largest city of Flat is southwest of the capital near the Tokal
Mountains, where a large silver mine is located. Acamar's remaining continents of Tamarack and Asta are in the
northern hemisphere where they are frozen year round, making them impossible to settle.

Acamar's planetary system has a large asteroid belt, called Illeudian, where mining operations are headquartered.
GM and Taijian Petrochemicals have vested interest in Acamar because they have helped the world recover from
the chaos of the last few years. When the Blakist forces landed on Acamar, the defenders where ordered to lay
down their arms without firing a shot—Blakist forces had infiltrated the controlling military during the upheaval of
the Chaos March. This subterfuge saved Acamar from suffering the full, devastating effects of the Jihad.

[3132] Acamar was originally part of the Federated Suns until the creation of The Republic.  Acamar became
part of Prefecture V under the control of The Republic.  After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic
was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Acamar was released from the control of The Republic.

[3140] After being released from The Republic, Acamar became independent and is currently being contested for
by *Tinkonov and House Liao**.
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