Star Type: G8IV
Position in System: 3 (of 3)
Number of Moons: 4 (Oasis, Shard,
Teller, and Tinker)
Days to Jump Point: 6
Surface Water: 54%
Atm. Pressure: High (Breathable)
Surface Gravity: 1.18
Equatorial Temp: 47° C
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Population: 936,683,000
Capital: Murchison City
Governor: Rudolph Goettlieb
Planetary Legate: Alfonse van Drekker
Continents: Abla, Felkra, Haschweld
[3132] A large, populous world blessed with a habitable satellite (Oasis), Murchison was a colonists’ dream
somewhat heavier than Terran-normal, Murchison’s ample water supply, fertile soil, and mineral wealth invited
millions of eager colonists to the planet.

An assortment of civilian industries grew on Murchison and its satellite, particularly electronics, pharmaceuticals,
automotive, and aerospace industries. Cattle farming, which proved more suited to the planet, and agriculture on
the primary moon, provided an interesting food-trading network between the dual worlds that kept both
populations well fed and virtually self-sufficient.

However, this symbiotic balance became disrupted more than a few times during the Succession Wars, when
invading troops used the smaller Oasis as a jump-off point for attacks on Murchison itself. Today, much of the
surface of Oasis still bears the scars of several battles, and its settlers have mostly relocated to Murchison, leaving
the moon a largely military holding of the planetary government.

Murchison itself has three main continents, Abla, Haschweld, and Felkra, home to its capital, Murchison City.
Oasis’ two continents, Schultz and Rhinehold, by comparison, are home only to the lunar capital of Fort Wolfe
and the principal spaceport of Laubenstein.

[3132] Murchison was originally part of the Federated Suns until the creation of The Republic. Murchison
became part of Prefecture III under the control of The Republic. After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress
Republic was created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Murchison was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Murchison fell under the influence of the Dieron territory.
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