Ryde was discovered a few years after the Exodus from Terra had begun. The planet whose continents still
creaked, groaned, and erupted with earthquakes and volcanoes. Ryde also had three seas, but the steaming hot
water tainted yellow with sulfur and heavy metals made them unusable.

Despite the planet's hellish appearance, colonists chose to live on Ryde, creating the city of Heaven's Gate on one
of the more peaceful continents. Seven hundred years later, Ryde is still violent with quakes and volcanoes.
Thanks to the persistence of those early settlers, it is also capable of sustaining a large population with food
grown in the rich volcanic soil. The world's volatile condition does benefit the population by giving them easy
access to geothermal heating during Ryde's harsh winters. The planet's geology has also resulted in the relatively
easy and profitable growth of a chemicals industry.

[3025] Water Pure Industries, the largest of the five Commonwealth companies currently manufacturing water
purification systems, has a small plant on Ryde.

[3132] Its orbit slightly elongated by the powerful gravitational pull of three large gas giants, Ryde is a world of
long, harsh winters, still tortured by the tectonic stresses of its own formation. Of its seven major landmasses—
Breight, Larnea, and Lesser Dasentica in the northern hemisphere; Creos, Greater Dasentica, Kale, and Roschi in
the south—only the Dasenticas and Kale are calm and warm enough to support cities. The others, too far north
and south of the equator, are covered almost year-round by snow and ice, which only melt to any great extent
when the local volcanoes and geysers erupt, spewing molten rock and hot gases into the sky. Though these same
eruptions and the occasional earthquake also shake up the populated continents, their lessened presence and
correspondingly lessened pressures gave Ryde’s settlers relatively safe access to an abundance of geothermal
energy, as well as a source for easily accessible minerals that in turn fueled a very profitable chemical industry.

All three of Ryde’s seas, the largest bodies of water on the planet, are steaming hot, tainted yellow by sulfur from
geysers that regularly erupt beneath each. An abundance of other heavy metals, thrown into the mix by the odd
submerged volcano, rendered these water sources useless to the early colonists, who were forced to import
water from off-world, relying on ice ships and the like for their very survival. No doubt it was because of this that
Ryde became home to a Water Pure facility. Water Pure Industries, based on Corridan IV, found the chemical
industry already established on Ryde, as well as its water problem, an ideal reason to set up shop on this world,
and so built a massive purification plant just outside the capital city of Heaven’s Gate on the Kale continent.
Though this facility has been damaged over the years since, due to heavy raiding by forces from House Kurita
throughout the Succession Wars, the Water Pure facility remains in operation, continuously cleansing the Heaven’
s Gate reservoirs that are fed by annual snowmelts.

Throughout the Succession Wars, Ryde’s chemical industry, which produces everything from pharmaceuticals to
specialized fuels and industrial-grade explosives, has made this world the subject of heavy fighting by the
neighboring Steiner and Kurita realms. Its industrial importance, as well as its strategic location, led the Lyran
Commonwealth to seed the planet with several armed outposts near major cities. Even after the planet was ceded
to The Republic following the Jihad, many of these outposts remain, though most have been stripped of their
weapons and now only serve as monuments to the past.

[3132] Ryde was originally part of the Draconis Combine until the creation of The Republic. Ryde became part
of Prefecture IX under the control of The Republic.  After the fall of the HPG Network Fortress Republic was
created and many of the worlds under its control were set free.
[3135] Ryde was released from the control of The Republic.

After being released from The Republic, Ryde fell under the control of Clan Jade Falcon.
Clan Jade Falcon
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Inner Sphere Planets
Star Type: F5V
Position in System: 3 (of 6)
Number of Moons: None
Days to Jump Point: 11
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Tainted)
Surface Gravity: 1.04
Equatorial Temp: 20° C
Highest Native Life: None
Population: 679,000,000
Capital:  Heaven's Gate
Governor: Kionne Traaen
Planetary Legate: Oleg Rahasapaylesch
Continents: Katamoros
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