ComStar Interstellar News Network is a production of Republic News Services and
Sphere, and an ongoing partnership with networks in the Federated Suns, ComStar
INN is the Inner Sphere’s leading news network available 24 hours a day, seven
days a week, with its headquarters based in Seattle on Terra. Offering news and
entertainment information, this network is updated regularly. All news is archived.

ComStar INN Staff (Prior to HPG shutdown)

Executive Producer
Darwin Jameson

Anna "DAA" Wisesmith

Managing Editor
Blackie Lincoln

Copy Editor
Elric Hunter

Fact Checking
Lars Billand

Art Direction
Neal Stephan Stand, Inc.
Trixie Knoblauch

Adam Stare
Royan Coolwater
Marie Henry

Sound Production
Pier Karoli

Audio Talent
Paul Jordan
Boris Lukjanov
Graham Morrison
"Lizard" Bell
"Gonzo" Chicago
Guz Schultz
Vincent King
Karl Emerson
Damon Chandler
Casandra Clarke
S. Joe Mangel
Sara Targovian
Monnlight Dickens

Mace O'Ronnell
Richard Froths
J. F. Swift
Brandon Corey
Alec Felsner
Galt Pryhoof

Tony De Nevestti

Lou Danese
Enoch Lessria

Kermit Rexton
Lew Trilltil

ComStar INN Staff
(on this HPG interuption)

Web Design, Artwork, Layout, etc & all
Karl A.M. Pajak "Republic's Fury"

Special Assistance & Assignments
Adam Montgomery "Roadford01"

ComStar INN Special Notice
All information found herein, as it relates to the Comstar INN, has not been modified in any way
from its original content.  Any alteration is purely accidental.  For current and updated information
pertaining to the ComStarr INN please visit Linknet at the WizKids Games website.  The
information from the ComStar INN has been placed here for historical reference only.
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March 9, 3134