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GenX 12/28/05 1:00 "ESCALATION"
3 rounds, 3 different build totals.
Game 1: 300, Game 2: 600, Game 3: 900.
Rules: AoD, Firepower, Anihilation
Points: Bring the 3 listed build totals (Different armies or the same but have back up pieces as you'll
be able to carry over some pieces in game 2 & 3.
SA: No
PC: Yes
HR: Yes, bring up to four chosen before the tournament begins.  May play the same ones each round.
 Playing: play upto 2 HR: each game. BM has opted to play the HR: AS IS!, which is in play for all 3
HR: PC: Yes, you may bring up to two HR: PCs instead of normal PCs
HR: SPC: Yes, you may bring two.  You may only bundle one of them.  The second one may not
match any PC you deploy but may modify your opponents PC (if you're lucky)
C/U: Unrestricted

Special Notes: Game 1: 3 pieces of fog move randomly around the board.  Roll 2d6 on command stage.
 1 determines direction, 1 determines distance moved in inches. BM will bring pog to determine
direction (Pog being used is ROTS Centaur BM, facing will be from the direction of player 1).
Game 2: Fog becomes Caustic Atmosphere Fog, Infantry w/o B.A in name and salvaged units take
one click of pushing if they are in it at the end of thier clean-up stage.
Game 3: Fog becomes Toxic/Nuclear/Death Fog.  All pieces in the fog at the end of controlling players
turn take one click of pushing damage.  And all Mechs take one click of heat.
Note: Fog, Caustic Fog, and Toxic/Nuclear/Death Fog all function like the PC: Heavy Fog (units >8"
from Target, Target gets +1 Def).

Special Rule: Game 1: L Mech only, Game 2: L & M Mech only, Game 3: L, M & H Mech only.  You
do not have to deploy a mech but if you do they must meet the weight class restriction of the specific

Special Notes: Escalation: At the beginning of Game 2 you may carry over 1 Mech, or 2 Vehicles, or 3
Infantry pieces (not part of your build total but included in build total for VC's).  Game 3: Same but
doubled (6I, 4V, 2M).
Damaged due to battles: Each carry over piece begins the game damaged.  Infantry: 1d2, Vehicles:
1d3, Mechs: 1d4.
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