Wishy Washie
The agitation cycle
Ding laundry is done.
A Word
Fife: Pronunciation: 'fif
Function: noun.
A small transverse flute with
six to eight finger holes and
usually no keys
The Forums:
We didn't really have a place to meet and discuss the venue
and the events at the venue.  So I've created a forum for all
of us to discuss what's going on.

It's located here:

I look forward to seeing everyone on the boards.

- Admin.
You can go here to access the
ast event.
Beginnings...a time when things start to move, to grow.  The piper
is playing his tune, will you join the dance?
Welcome to the new and updated website for GenX games.  I'll be
your host for the games.  Hopefully we can grow a community that
enjoys great games.  Our meetings are from 12-6:45 on Sundays.  
Sometimes the games we have listed won't be played...if the group
decides it would rather play a different game.

I look forward to meeting and gaming with you.

- Karl
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