Mission: 15 April 3136
Mission 1
Rescue Mission / Location: Hunan, Prefecture V

"Ten minutes to target..." Sgt. Nigpo stated.
"Sir, we've located the signal." Private Yipa said.
"Landing in 5...4...3..."
'Hang on Barry, we're coming.' Sgt. thought as the craft landed in the dark gloom of the Hunan night.
"Alright, raido silence.  This is an in and out raid.  We get Corporal Barry and we're gone.  The Banson scum
won't even know we were there.  For Corporal Barry, For Liao!"

Build Total: 450
SA: No
FP: Yes
HR: Yes, you may choose 1.
PC: No, Nightfall & Active Volcanoes are in play
MC: HR: Mission Card 001 is in play for the Banson player: Ransom.
Prevent opponent from capturing the Liao unit you have captured.
MC: HR: Mission Card 002 is in play for the Liao player: Save our Leader. Free the capture unit for VC-4.

Special Rules: Build a 450 point infantry only force. Deploy units as normal. Unit movement for speed mode
foot, wheeled, tracked, propeller are all doubled. Speed mode VTOL remains unchanged for movement
purposes. Captor may not destroy captured unit. Captive may not move on its own, and must be captured by
House Liao forces to be able to move. If House Liao fails to have captive in his deployment zone by the end of
the game the opperation has failed and diplomacy is the only option left. Captive may be loading into a transport
once taken. Banson forces may not load captive into a transport but may move it freely if basing it as if it were
Mission 2
To Build a Nest / Location: Kochab, Prefecture IX

Having rallied his forces the captain set his co-ordinates and settled his ship down, on Dakkato one of the land
masses on the world.  His orders: Take and hold the city.

"Alright men, if we see anyone that not is not Clan, we teach them the ways of the Clan.  If anyone interferes
with our duty, they die.  For Malvena!  For The Clan!"

Pouring out of the ship they came, in masses...a bird's nest whos young had come home to roost.

Build Total: 600
SA: No
FP: Yes
HR: Yes you may play the second one of your choice
PC: Yes, but as the world is dominated by Mountain Ranges you are encouraged to play Mountain Range.
MC: Yes (If you don't play a PC)
Speical Rules: Declair for Storm Hammers or CJF
To Kill a Mocking Bird / Location: Trogport, Planet Diev: Prefecture I

They sit comfortably in their trainning camps, the men who should have sworn loayalty to Kurita.  They take
the knowledge to be Aerospace fighters away with them, but they do not follow the way.  Today...they pay.

Build Total: 600
SA: Yes
FP: Yes
HR: Yes you may play the third one, if you choose to do so.
PC: Yes
MC: Yes, if available
Special Rules: Declair for Dragon's Fury or The Military Defense Force.  At the beginning of your command
stage roll 1d6.  On the result of a 6 an aerospace fighter has successfully targeted and attacked one of your
vehicles or Mechs.  Choose one and give it one point of pushing damage...if you're part of the defense force
this applies to you as well (hey everyone misses).
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