Current Conflicts March: 3140
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*[3140] March 13, The Arborians rise up
against their oppressive rulers.  A planet
rebellion has begun.  Arboris has called for
House Davion's assistance. Will the Farmers
Freedom Army defeat House Liao?
*[3140] April 16, Capellan WarShips move
into Hisen space to retake the planet.  The
been called for, will they arrive in time?
April 16, 3140  Hisen "Against all odds"
Sept. 9/1-9/22/3132 Battle For Addicks
[3132] September, The Dragon's Fury
engage the Highlanders on Addicks.
Historic Battles
Oct. 10/1-10/22/3132  Battle For Ankaa
[3132] October, Steel Wolves engage the
Sword Sworn on Ankaa.
Oct. 11/1-11/22/3132  Battle For Ozawa
[3132] November, Bannson Raiders
engage the Spirit Cats on Ozawa.
March 15, 3140  Halloran V "Swords and Snakes"
*[3140] March 15, The Federated Suns have
moved several forces into orbit above Halloran
V.  DropShips have landed on the surface and
the retaking of the planet has begun.
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March 23, 3140  Highspire "The Duke"
supported by House Davion, assault Highspire.
 Will the Duke conquer or crash?
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