BattleTech is an exciting miniatures, strategy and tactics combat game.  It is also a board game. Under the
Faction War you'll be playing it as a strategy & tactics miniatures game using the miniatures rules found Strategic
Ops.  This page is the BattleTech home port...from here you can go anywhere.
"Battles Await!" - Republic's Fury
BattleTech Links
Area 51 Event Schedule - Dates, times, and directions to Area 51.  
CGL Event Schedule - Catalyst Game Labs' event schedule.
News & Information - News and information pertaining to gaming at Area 51.
ComStar Archives - A carbon copy of WizKids' website dealing with ComStar.
Rules & Record Sheets - A place to get non-FactionWar sheets and such.

BattleTech Maps (3140)
Map of the Universe - A universe map detailing the state of the universe in 3141.
Map of the Inner Sphere - An Inner Sphere map detailing the cannon map of 3141.  Here is where you'll go to see the
different faction areas and then learn about the planets in those areas.
Territorial Map of the Inner Sphere - A colored map of the Inner Sphere territories of 3141 (clickable but

Old BattleTech Links (Some are not used)
The Killing Grounds - A page listing the units destroyed and the General they belong to.
Old Forums - Back in the day.... I used to use this forum for my gaming discussions.
Home Ports...jump in 5...4...3...2...1... - A list of the Venues running the Faction War.
BattleTech Homepage
Fasa's End, a blurb about the WizKids
Go there now
BattleTech Fan Sites
HPG News
BattleTech Classifieds
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