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An Introduction to BattleTech and MechWarrior

The incredible world of BattleTech and MechWarrior are set in our distant future, where man has reached the
stars and settled them.  BattleTech takes place in the year 3076 and MechWarrior takes place 65 years later.

BattleTech is produced by Catalyst Game Labs, the miniatures are produced by Iron Wind Metals.  BattleTech
takes place in the year 3076.  It is the time of the Jihad, when the Word of Blake has risen up in an attempt to
conquer the galaxy.  It is during this time that Devlin Stone first makes his appearance (See TRO 3076).  TRO's
are Technical Read Outs.  They are a publication, originally published by Fasa, then Fan Pro, now by Catalyst
Game Labs.  These source books provide details and give cannon information on units that you can use in the
BattleTech universe.  There are many source books which provide valuable information.  The sub factions (see
below) of the MechWarrior era are not present in the universe until 3132.  BattleTech is much more than a board
game, it can also be played as a miniatures game.  Typical games are played using a hex map which is makes the
game play like a board game.  The game is a strategy and tactics miniatures game, where you are the general over
your forces.  The miniatures in and of themselves are not the key to the game, the Record Sheets are the key.  
The miniature only simulates what the record sheet represents.  Because of this you can use anything to represent
the Record Sheet, an exact miniature of the Record Sheet, a proxy miniature, or even a shinny penny.  Because of
this the game is inexpensive to play.  The battlefield simulates the world, and has a direct affect on the game play.  
Terrain such as blocking, hindering, and water all take part in making up the battlefield.  When your units use their
weapons to damage your opponent, the damage is recorded on the Record Sheet by filling in (or marking off) the
bubbles.  Filled in bubbles represent damage taken.  The game system uses 2d6 for all attacks and skill checks.  
There is even a role playing game based upon the BattleTech universe.
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MechWarrior was produced by WizKids, which saddly went out of business in 2009.  It was a more simplistic
version of a miniature combat system.  The great news is we still play the game.  We have settled on 3138 as the
year we play our games.  
Like BattleTech, there are factions you can choose from, the main ones are:
Republic Of The Sphere (ROTS): This is the nation created by Devlin Stone after the Jihad ended in 3080.  
Devlin Stone rose up from obscurity to lead a force against the Word Of Blake.  He used this force to create the
Republic.  In 3135 all the Republic armed forces retreated to Prefecture X and created the "Fortress Republic".  
The newly created Fortress Republic was slightly larger than the previous Prefecture X.  By 3138 the ROTS
forces that exist outside The Fortress have been deemed renegade forces or have been abandoned.
Highlanders: Led by Prefecture Legate, Countess Tara Campbell of Northwind, this one time mercenary group
was given a place of honor in the Republic for their defence of earth.  Tara Campbell was offered, and passed on,
becoming a Paladin.  It was shortly after this that the Republic closed the borders of Prefecture X and created
The New Republic.
Bannson's Raiders: Mercenary unit funded by the politically ambitious and ultra-wealthy businessman Jacob
Bannson. Formerly allied with House Liao, the alliance has recently fallen apart.  
Dragon's Fury: Originally allied with the Republic until Katana Tormark became a traitor and handed the
Dragon's Fury over to House Kurita.  There was a small contingency of Dragon's Fury that split off from her and
allied itself with The Republic.  It is rumored that they all have death warrants out on their heads.  It is rare to
observe but can be seen, DF forces working in conjunction with ROTS forces.
Dragon's Fury: Under Katana Tormak these forces are now allied with the Draconis Combine, House Kurita.  
Sword Sworn: Arron Sandoval leads this House Davion splinter faction.
Spirit Cats: Now fully integrated into Clan Nova Cat after the assassination of Galaxy Commander Kev Rosse.
Stormhammers: Allied faction of the Lyran Commonwealth led by Landgrave Jasek Kelswa-Steiner and they
are based near Skye.  After the Falcon attack on Skye the Stormhammers have sworn a vendetta against them.
Steel Wolves: This faction has been absorbed by Clan Wolf.

For the remaining main factions of the universe see the BattleTech section.

The game plays by selecting the units you wish to play with.  Typically players opt to choose units which are part
of their faction.  Each unit has all the information you'll need to use that unit on its dial or base.  The base contains
the point value of the unit, its faction alliance, while the dial represents the units weapons, speed, attack and
To play the game all you'll need is a flexible tape measure, the rules, three six sided die (one of one color and two
of another), terrain, a 3'x3' playing surface and your miniatures.  The game lasts 50 minutes and is typically played
in a Swiss style tournament of three rounds.

Now that you've been introduced to MechWarrior click on the link to the left and jump into the action.
Introduction to MechWarrior & BattleTech
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