Battletech heads to WizKids...

Company behind Battletech to close shop.

FASA, the company behind the popular Battletech universe, has
issued the following press release regarding their future

"After 20 happy-and difficult-years in business, FASA
Corporation is closing its doors.

The adventure gaming world has changed much in those years,
and it is time for the founders of FASA to move on. We may
produce a few remaining products in the next month, but then
we will close up shop.
We will remain open to fill all orders from our inventory until April 30, 2001. We do not plan to print any
new inventory; when an item goes out of stock, it will be gone forever.

Making this decision now will allow FASA to meet all of its obligations to suppliers, authors, artists and
other freelancers. Our plan is to sell our inventory, collect all of our receivables and royalties and continue
to manage our subsidiary rights.

We are selling our BattleTech and Shadowrun properties to WizKids LLC, along with certain assets of Ral
Partha Enterprises.

As most of you know, Wizkids was started by Jordan Weisman, a founder of FASA and the creator of the
incredibly successful new game line Mage Knight Rebellion. We know that FASA's properties will be in
very good hands at Wizkids.

I want to thank all of our loyal fans and customers who over these 20 years have made FASA Corporation
a fun place to be and a company of which we are very proud. -Morton Weisman, Ross Babcock"
FASA's History
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