For the Area 51 Game Schedule go here.

Flintloque is a Fantasy Based version of Napoleonic Era war gaming.  It is produced by Alternative Armies out of
Scotland.  This is a great game.  I know many people don't like historical gaming, but THIS game is a blast.  It plays
quickly, has Black Powder single shot weapons, and you can use magic.  The best thing is that you can choose from
Fantasy Races such as: Orcs, Elves, Undead, Ratmen and many more.  Each race represents a nation that existed
during the Napoleonic Wars.  I play the Joccian (the Ratmen).  The miniatures are great!  They have an older
miniaturist look to them.

Honor & Arms
I'm pleased to be able to bring you Honor & Arms.  It is Napoleonic 10mm gaming!  The rules were developed by
Kevin Pajak and Vance Frey.  The rules are well written and easy to play.  It gives you the feel of historical gaming
without being too complex, like many Napoleonic games.  Don't get me wrong, I love those too.

Zombie Daze by Frontline Games
Zombie Daze is a fast paced, GM Scenario driven, Zombie Skirmish game.  It is perfect for large groups as the
players work together against the GM.

Warmaster is Games Workshop's 10mm mass combat game.  We play Warmaster throughout the month and are
currently hosting a campaign.  If you'd like to join us our fixed meeting day is the 1st Saturday of each month.

BattleTech is a strategy miniature combat game set in the year 3076.  For an introduction to the universe and
BattleTech click
here.  If you are a current player click the link on the left and you'll be taken to our BattleTech Home
Page.  We used to play BattleTech every month but with all the great games we're hosting and those we wanted to
host BattleTech has been moved to a pick up game or will be hosted on special occassions.

Car Wars
I love this game...ok, the 3rd edition of the game sucks but we don't play that version of the game.  We play 2nd ed
Car Wars.  If you like dark future, cars with guns, and have a lead foot then this game is for you.  Since the game is
out of print it's a bit hard to find product for the game.  The good news is you don't need anything to play...I bring
everything you need.  Rev up your engine and hit the dark future roads!  I'm sure we'll be playing Car Wars soon as
SJG is getting to revamp and re-release the game.  I hear it will be VERY similar to Car Wars 2nd ed. so I know we'll
all love it.

Historical Gaming
I very much enjoy historical gaming, however, since it is difficult to find people that like historical gaming and are
enjoyable to game with I don't host those games.  Instead I go to Dallas and game with a group there.  If you're
interested in joining that group just email me and I'll get you involved.  They typically game on Sundays and since I am
currently hosting my games on Sundays I haven't be able to join them lately.  They're a great bunch of guys and are a
lot of fun to play with.

Produced by WizKids Games.  Saddly, WizKids games has gone out of business.  It was a great loss to the gaming
community.  Many players that have played MechWarrior have switched over to playing BattleTech.  The best thing is
that both take place in the same game universe.  While BattleTech is set in the year 3076, MechWarrior is set in the
year 3138.  For an introduction to MechWarrior click
here. If you're already well versed in MechWarrior click the link
to the left and jump into the action.  Saddly, MechWarrior has had to take a back seat.  Email us if you'd like us to
host this great game for you.
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Area 51 Event Schedule - Dates, times, and directions to Area 51.  
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BattleTech - RF's BattleTech page, filled with FactionWar information and all things BattleTech.
MechWarrior - WizKid's BattleTech like game, and information on this great game.
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GenX (Old Venue) - Since the owner of GenX decided to throw out the phone number of the person that "found" my
miniatures collection I no longer game at GenX.  Nothing personal, but if it were ME...and someone said they'd found
BattleTech miniatures and gave me a phone number....I don't know, maybe save the frackin thing!  Plus Wayne never
could remember who the hell I was and I gamed there for over a year and a half.  So....see ya sucka.  Erin at Area 51
totally get's it and is over the top supportive.  Damn theifs!  <Climbs off soapbox>
Mikroworld - I just found this site and thought it was great!  So check it out.
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