The Republic:
3139: The Republic is currently engaged in protecting its new borders.  Having
collapsed their border in 3138 they formed the New Republic also known as
Fortress Republic.  The Republic controls Terra.
3139:  Rebel forces led by General Tactius are attempting to rally forces to
him in an effort to bring about the reconstitution of the Republic.  It is rumored
that he is also attempting to rebuild the HPG network.   His known allies include
Janella Lakewood, the Highlanders, and General Kurisota, the current leader
of the exiled Dragon's Fury Forces.  

3139: The highlanders occupy Northwind.  Their forces are more than just a
simple planetary defense force.  Their loyalty to the Republic made them what
they are today and continues to do so.  Led by Countess Tara Campbell from
Northwind they continue to support the Republic, and the exiled General

House Marik:
3080:  Wracked by civil war for centuries, House Marik finally shattered into
numerous star-states under the pressure of the Word of Blake Jihad: political
alliances comprising of anywhere from two to thirty words, each vying to
re-establish the Great House of Marik.
3135: Charles Marik moves to eliminate or subjugate all rivals.  His forces
move to eliminate all opposition.
3138: After several years of covert operations and successful campaigns
against his rivals Charles succeeds in eliminating all opponents.
3139, 13 January: Charles is anointed as the rightful ruler of House Marik.  
The largest Inner Sphere force is displayed outside his palace during the
inaugeration ceremony.  House Marik finally rises out of the ashes of the Jihad
era under the most successful trader prince in history.  
3139, July: Marik forces have secured many of the worlds lost during the fall of
the Republic.  House Marik brings peace to the Inner Sphere.  His forces are
on the move.

House Kurita: (SubFaction: Dragon's Fury)
House Kurita bases its structure on the feudal Japanese model of the
Shogunate era, in which honor is more important than life, and duty to one's
lord ends only in death.     
3139: With the development of the new Rokurokubi & Shiro 'Mechs House
Kurita has moved against Clan Jade Falcon's aggression towards the Inner
Sphere.  Their forces have moved out of Kurita space towards Jade Falcon
space.  Several battles have occurred in Falcon Space.  It is believed
Malvina's forces are moving to intercept.
Dragon's Fury:
3137: Duchess Katana Tormark broke from the Republic in an attempt to fulfill
her family's destiny.  Turning over control of the Dragon's Fury to House Kurita
she was able to claim her "rightful" place among them.  General Kurisota led a
rebellion against Tormark when she betrayed them to House Kurita.   
3138: The General was successful in breaking some of the Dragon's Fury
away from her control.  They are nothing more than a mercenary group now
with more military power than most, save for the recently reconstituted Wolf's
Dragoons.  General Kurisota has placed a bounty on Tormark's head, one he
shall not likely claim anytime soon.  House Kurita has also placed a bounty on
the General and his men.  
3139: Kurisota has placed the remaining Dragon's Fury's fate in the hands of
General Tactius and has become an extension of his forces.

House Davion: (SubFaction: Sword Sworn)
House Davion follows the feudal model of medieval Europe: the nobility rule
and the population owes fealty to its lord, as well as to the First Prince.
3138: House Davion has deployed its forces to its borders in an effort to
prevent the power vacuum left by the fall of the Republic from damaging
control of its space.
3139: A battleship has been deployed from Davion space headed for Marik
Sword Sworn:
3137: Led by Aaron Sandoval the Sword Sworn are a sub faction of House
Davion.  Aaron is a capable leader who is attempting to gather a large military
force to him.  His pomp and bravado lends itself to his goals.
3138: Erik Sandoval has moved to cut ties with his "Uncle" and has broken the
Sword Sworn in half.  Erik has taken control of half of the Sword Sworn and
now follows the leader of House Davion.  
3139: The two cousins are vying for full control of the Sword Sworn and have
engaged each other multiple times.  Though they have different tactics and
abilities they are both extremely competent leaders and generals.  Neith has
lost more ground than he has gained in their back and forth combating for
control of the Sword Sworn space.

House Steiner: (SubFaction: Storm Hammers)
House Steiner, with its German/Teutonic heritage, is heavily mercantile; for
most of its existence, it has had a very robust economy in the Inner Sphere.  
3139: Since the fall of the Republic House Steiner has gone quite.
Storm Hammers:
The Storm Hammers are a sub faction of House Steiner and is led by Jasek
Kelswa-Steiner.  Jasek is possibly the second most capable strategist in the
Inner Sphere second only to his father.  His goal is freedom from an
oppressive rule under the Republic and a free Skye.  
3137: Malvina Hazen leads Clan Jade Falcon into Prefecture IX and attacks
Skye.  Her battleship faces off with a House Steiner battleship.  Malvina orders
a nuclear strike on Skye and takes control of the planet.  In doing so she
becomes stranded on the planet.
3138: The entire Storm Hammer force disappears and their location is
3139: Malvina and her forces have pulled off Skye.  The planet has become
uninhabitable in many regions.  

Bannson's Raiders:
Jacob Bannson is possibly the richest man in the universe.  His pragmatic
ways have caused him to view the Republic as a power hungry nation who's
only goal is control.  His lack of noble blood has caused the leaders of the
Houses to look down upon him and thwart his ambitions.  His goal is to become
the leader of a new House has yet to be realized.
3137: Jacob Bannson is almost captured by House Liao and vows revenge.
3138: Jacob Bannson is locked out of the Republic when the Fortress
Republic is created.
3139: Jacob Bannson has successfully rebuilt Bannson's Raiders and
maintains a mobile base of opperations and palatial estate on an unknown
3139, 15 May: Bannson's Raiders destroy a pirate group that attacked one of
his cargo ships.  It was reported that their captain had taunted Bannson by
saying, "Who's this Bannson?  I know one thing...I haven't heard of him and so
he must be nothing."

House Liao:
House Liao, with its Chinese ancestry, rules with all the pageantry and severity
of the imperial dynasties and inspires a fanatical devotion in its populace.
3135: Led by college students House LIao's Prefecture V secures several
planets and pushes back the Republic.
3137: House Liao entices Jacob Bannson to become part of their House
through a marriage.  House Liao fails to capture Bannson or his assets.  
Bannson vows revenge.
3139: House Liao move to secure their ancestral worlds lost to the Republic.  
Unveiling their forces that they never gave up during the initial days of the
Republic House Liao threatens House Davion.  Old rivalries flair.

Raven Alliance:
The Raven Alliance is a strange union of military and political expediency that
combines the Machiavellian Clan Snow Raven with the Amish-like Outworlds
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