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Volume XLV: Periphery Nations, Pt. I "Magistracy of Canopus" (03/09/34)
Volume XLVI: Periphery Nations, Pt. II "Taurian Concordat" (03/09/34)
Volume XLVII: Periphery Nations, Pt. III "Marian Hegemony" (03/09/34)
Volume XLVIII: Denizens of the Periphery (03/09/34)
Volume L: "Mystic Technocracy" The Ways of ComStar (03/09/34)
Volume LI: "Light and Darkness" ComStar's Triumph and Tragedy (03/09/34)
Volume LII: "A Partnership for the Ages" ComStar Today (03/09/34)
Volume XLIV: The Periphery's Long, Hard Climb from the Abyss (03/02/34)
Volume XLIII: "Living on the Edge" Origins of the Periphery (02/26/34)
Volume XLII: "Warriors of Vision" The Nova Cat Clan Today (02/19/34)
Volume XLI: "Destiny Before Honor" The Nova Cats' Darkest Years (02/12/34)
Volume XL: "Faith, Tradition, and Fate" the Ways of the Nova Cat (02/05/34)
Volume XXXIX: "Visions of Honor" Origins of Clan Nova Cat (01/28/34)
Volume XXXVIII: "Legacies of the League III" Tamarind-Abbey and Rim (01/21/34)
Volume XXXVII: "Legacies of the League II" Oriente and Andurien (01/14/34)
Volume XXXVI: "Legacies of the League" Marik-Stewart and Regulus (01/07/34)
Volume XXXV: Epitaph for a Realm (12/31/33)
Volume XXXIV: "The Eagle's Flight" Rise and Fall of House Marik (12/24/33)
Volume XXXIII: "Hatching Destiny" Birth of the Free Worlds League (12/17/33)
Volume XXXII: "Warrior-Merchant" The Sea Fox Clan Today (12/10/33)
Volume XXXI: "Challenging the Void" Clan Sea Fox Ascendant (12/33/33)
Volume XXX: The Shark and the Fox, Evolution of a Clan (11/26/33)
Volume XXIX: "Profit, Progress, and Honor" Origins of Clan Sea Fox (11/19/33)
Volume XXVIII: "The Mailed Fist" The Commonwealth Today (11/12/33)
Volume XXVII: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of the Lyran Commonwealth (11/05/33)
Volume XXVI: "People, Politics, and Profit" The Steiner Equation (10/29/33)
Volume XXV: "Profit and Power" Birth of the Lyran Commonwealth (10/22/33)
Volume XXIV: "Symbiosis" The Rasalhague Dominion Today (10/15/33)
Volume XXIII: Standing Together (10/08/33)
Volume XXII: Two Peoples, One Destiny (10/01/33)
Volume XXI: "Collision Course" A Tale of Two Peoples (09/25/33)
Volume XX: From the Ashes "The Capellan Confederation Today" (09/18/33)
Volume XIX: Xin Sheng and Beyond (09/11/33)
Volume XVIII: Eternal Balanc "The Ways of House Liao" (09/04/33)
Volume XVII: "Celestial Unity" Birth of the Capellan Confederation (08/27/33)
Volume XVI: Turkina's Chosen "Clan Jade Falcon Today" (08/20/33)
Volume XV: The Falcon's Flight (08/13/33)
Volume XIV: Honor and Tradition "The Ways of the Falcon" (08/06/33)
Volume XIII: Turkina's Children "Birth of the Jade Falcon Clan" (07/30/33)
Volume XII: The Banner Yet Waves (07/23/33)
Volume XI: The Fox and His Legacy (07/16/33)
Volume X: Manifest Destiny (07/09/33)
Volume IX: Rising Sun "The Dawn of the Federated Suns" (07/02/33)
Volume VIII: Clan Wolf Today (06/25/33)
Volume VII: Kerensky's Chosen "The Rise of the Wolf Clan" (06/17/33)
Volume VI: Trials and Glory "Ways of the Wolf Clan" (06/11/33)
Volume V: Kerenskys' Legacy (06/08/33)
Volume IV: The Draconis Combine Today (06/33/33)
Volume III: The Dragon's Cucible (05/21/33)
Volume II: Unstoppable Force (05/14/33)
Volume I: Rise of the Dragon (05/07/33)
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