Leader: Galaxy Commander Anastasia Kerenski
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Unlike many Clansmen, Kal Radick is a student of history. He despises what he
and his brother Clansmen in the Republic have become: wolves that have
been domesticated as Stone’s lap dogs. While the Republic was strong, he
had no opportunity to alter this disreputable state, so he dedicated himself to
climbing the military ladder, possibly in an attempt to change things from the
top, or maybe just in a bid for personal power. Now, with the fall of darkness
and the apparent collapse of the Republic, Kal Radick has publicly rallied his
fellow Wolves to form a new sub-Clan: the Steel Wolves.

Decades ago, under the mighty Khan Vlad Ward, Clan Wolf was a glorious
Crusader Clan, bent on conquering the Inner Sphere and re-establishing the
Star League. The self-proclaimed Khan Kal Radick has stated that he will lead
his Wolves on a mission of conquest not seen since the first Clan invasions.
What little information we have received from the area indicates that the
Wolves are indeed hunting, but their actions seem somewhat aimless.

3139 Today the Steel Wolves have been disbanded.  Some of them have
gone to Kerenski's new mercenary group the Wolf Hunters the others have all
been reabsorbed into Clan Wolf.

Military Details:

             Elite Unit: Wolfkin Keshik
             Motto: "Strenght of the Pack."

The Wolfkin Keshik are the remnants of Clan Wolf’s Delta Galaxy, which fought
alongside Devlin Stone against the Word of Blake. In the aftermath, like so
many others, they felt Devlin Stone had proved himself a leader worthy of their
respect through countless military trials, and they followed him into the
Republic. The Khan of Clan Wolf, as with the other Clans who had members
follow Devlin Stone, sent a delegation from the Clan to help preserve their
customs and traditions in the Republic.

However, they did not truly understand what they were getting themselves into.
With the paring down of military forces and an almost universal peace
breaking out, what were born and bred warriors expected to do with their lives?
This caused severe strain, and numerous warriors returned to the Wolf Clan
Occupation Zone.

Those who stayed did so to honor the pledge they had given. However, as the
darkness falls and their leader Kal Radick finally unleashes the Wolfkin Keshik,
their intensity can be frightening. They are tireless and remorseless in
pursuing any objective — like the pack of Wolves they are.

             Veteran Unit: Crusaders
             Motto: "There Can Be Only One."

With the recent arrival of the passionate and deadly Anastasia Kerensky, this
unit is attempting to reawaken Clan Wolf. By quiet word and subtle deed, she
has gradually made her Clan aware of its history, its legacy and the reasons
for its creation three centuries ago.

When the Clans invaded the Inner Sphere in 3050, the seventeen extant
Clans were firmly divided along philosophical and political lines. On one side
were the Crusaders, who felt that their founder, Nicholas Kerensky, along with
his father, Aleksandr Kerensky, had meant for them to return to the Inner
Sphere, conquer it and re-establish the Star League. On the other side were
the Wardens, who felt that the Clans had been formed to safeguard the Inner
Sphere from some as-yet-undetermined outside threat.

Anastasia Kerensky has fully embraced the Crusader mindset, and with Kal
Radick’s unleashing of the Wolves, she has thrown all pretense aside and
renamed her unit the Crusaders. Additionally, she has set herself on a
collision course with Kal Radick, intent on taking control of Clan Wolf,
capturing Terra and re-establishing the Star League. Anyone who gets in her
way is quickly eliminated.

             Green Unit: Wolf Lancers
             Motto: "Tooth and Claw."

The Wolf Lancers have the distinction of being made up almost exclusively of
men and women who were not born into Clan Wolf.

After the formation of the Republic, Clan Wolf was faced with a small but
steady stream of young men and women attempting to gain admittance to the
Clan. Their history, their connection to Aleksandr Kerensky and the Star
League, and their dedication to a cause kept the flow constant. At first, this
was highly insulting to the Wolves, as they believed these people were
mocking their ways. However, after several years it began to dawn on the Clan
Wolf leadership that it was actually a high compliment that these men and
women would give up all they knew in the Republic to join them.

The Clan leadership finally relented, and each applicant underwent a Trial of
Combat against a Clan Wolf warrior. Almost without exception, they lost, but if
the Clansman felt that they might have value they were taken as bondsmen; if
not, they were sent away. The Wolf Lancers is made up of those bondsmen
who have proved their worth and been adopted into the warrior caste, and
they have all the conviction of the converted. Though they do not have the
years of training that the rest of the Wolf warriors boast, their devotion makes
them dangerous on the battlefield.
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March 9, 3134
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