Leader: Duke Aaron Sandoval
              QUOTE: “If I need a ’Mech I’ll use it, but a dagger is easier used
                          and disposed of.”

Duke Aaron Sandoval was once content as Lord Governor of Prefecture IV. He
ruled in the name of Devlin Stone, the man his father had taught him to revere
above anyone else. Upon Stone’s sudden retirement and disappearance,
however, he felt abandoned. Disillusionment soon set in, and the stories his
grandfather used to tell him about the great House Davion suddenly seemed
very real. Furthermore, his bloodline has a direct link to the Sandovals, who
have ruled a large area of House Davion for centuries. A desire to connect
with the House of his forefathers began to burn within him.

With the apparent collapse of the Republic, the Duke is convinced that now is
the time to declare for House Davion and take Prefecture IV with him. Of
course, he will have to deal with Prefect Radick if he has any hope of
succeeding. Because of his close association with Prefecture III, he is
confident he can also win worlds there back to the Davion banner. This has
pitted him directly against Katana Tormark as well as members of his own
family — launching a whole new chapter in the ancient Davion-Kurita rivalry.

Military Details:

         Elite Unit: Davion Guard
         Motto: "Strenght Of House Davion"

The regiments that constitute the Davion Guards have a centuries-long history
with House Davion and are universally known as its most elite and fanatical
troops. The Sortek family had spent generations as members of the Guards.
Of particular note, Ardan Sortek was a personal friend of First Prince Hanse
Davion and his son, First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion. Unfortunately, Bishop
Sortek was in command of the First Davion Guards when they were
devastated during the FedCom Civil War; Ardan Sortek met his death in the
final battle of that war.

His son, Conner Sortek, disheartened by what he perceived as their liege lord’
s ultimate betrayal of the Guards, survived the war and found a new hero in
Devlin Stone — a man of principal and honor whom he could follow without
hesitation. Several surviving members of the First also followed Stone into war,
the formation of the Republic and beyond. With military service dating back for
generations, it is no surprise that most of those soldiers’ sons and daughters
were in Duke Sandoval’s personal unit. What’s more, unlike their parents, most
of them — especially Conner’s son Justin Sortek — looked back at their
families’ ties with the First Davion Guards and longed for those glorious days.

When darkness fell and Duke Sandoval declared himself loyal to House
Davion once again, Justin Sortek, now in command of the Duke’s personal
regiment, was quick to rename the unit in honor of the elite regiment that had
been lost decades before. The new regiment will do everything in its power to
emulate its namesake.

Due to Duke Sandoval’s extensive financial empire, his personal unit has
always had the finest equipment and training of any unit in the Republic (with
the exception of the Knights of the Sphere). With the unit quickly increasing in
size, the Duke continues to use his financial resources to maintain the new
Davion Guards’ elite status.

         Veteran Unit: Ghost Legion
         Motto: “Take Them Before They Know You’re There.”

Where the Davion Guards is filled with the descendants of the destroyed First
Davion Guards, the Ghost Legion is a direct descendant of a military unit that
fractured following the FedCom Civil War.

The Vanguard Legion was a mercenary unit formed after the initial Clan
invasion. Elite and hard-hitting, it had a hatred for all things Lyran that almost
destroyed them during the FedCom Civil War. These events caused a split
within the unit when the Word of Blake launched their Jihad. A battalion of
warriors followed the most vocal opponent of the blood feud against House
Steiner — Captain Kevin Chelsy — away from the Vanguard Legion; they soon
found themselves following Devlin Stone to victory and to the Republic.

For their prowess and loyalty, the members of this unit were not
decommissioned and served as a rotating militia throughout the Republic.
When the communications grid went silent, this unit, currently led by Captain
Binks’ vivacious yet deadly daughter Angie Chelsy, had been stationed in the
Prefecture IV for several years and had established strong ties with Duke
Sandoval; some rumors have Angie in the Duke’s very good graces.

Regardless of their history, the Ghost Legion are a superb fighting unit that
have perfected tactics that justify their name. Their freeform fighting style
hearkens back to their mercenary heritage; they come and go at will, wreaking
havoc on their enemies.

Whether their loyalty is feigned or real, they are following Duke Sandoval’s
lead in his oath of loyalty to House Davion.

         Green Unit: Prince's Men
         Motto: "You want to live forever?"

The Prince’s Men are a ragtag group that formed following Duke Sandoval’s
declaration of loyalty to House Davion. Culled from disparate military units —
known and unknown — it is filled with thrill-seekers and opportunists.

Though they are all military men, their training and expertise vary wildly,
running the gamut from hard-core veterans to wet-behind-the-ears greenies.
Regardless, they all like the uniform — and, more important, they like the
standard-issue big guns that come with the job.

Though many of these men and women are actually loyal to House Davion,
there is no doubt that others simply see this as their best chance to get on the
winning side of the war everyone knows is coming. Duke Sandoval, however, is
willing to ignore this provided they do not cross any lines, as they have proved
their worth to him several times.

Though their wild, disorganized nature has at times put them at odds with
some of their fellow units — especially the Davion Guards — and makes them
slightly unsuited to complicated missions, they are consummate scrappers and
would not hesitate to throw themselves into meat grinders if that is what it
would take to carry the day.
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