Leader: Landgrave Jasek Kelswa-Steiner

Jasek Kelswa-Steiner is a traitor not only to The Republic, but also to his
traditional homeland—at least that is what his father believes. Duke Gregory
Kelswa-Steiner—only the second person ever to be Governor of Skye and
Lord Governor of Prefecture IX at the same time—rules many of the worlds
originally part of the Isle of Skye in House Steiner’s Lyran Commonwealth. For
centuries, Skye had been a hotbed of cessation, attempting on numerous
occasions to break the yoke of the Archon on distant Tharkad. In Duke
Gregory’s eyes, when The Republic formed and took most of the core worlds
of the Isle with it, the people of Skye achieved what they had dreamed of for
hundreds of years: freedom from the Steiner Archon!

For Jasek, Landgrave and heir-apparent to Skye, it is not so simple. The
people of Skye may have achieved freedom, but they simply traded one
overlord for another. More importantly to Jasek, unlike the Lyran
Commonwealth, which Skye had been a part of since its formation almost eight
centuries ago, The Republic is an upstart that cares nothing for Skye or her
people. In his mind, it is better to be Lyran than Republican, and if that
requires he return Skye to Archon rule, then so be it—Steiner blood flows
through his own veins, after all.

Having heard merchant JumpShip captain’s tales of the Dragon’s Fury and
Swordsworn, Jasek knew the time had come. After securing the loyalty of a
cadre of Republic militia he led before the blackout, he openly declared for
House Steiner, and others of like mind quickly flocked to his banner.
He has, however, made an enemy of both The Republic and the powerful
Duke of Skye. And the Kelswa bloodline has a long history of using lethal
means to solve their problems.

Military Details:

         Elite Unit: Archon's Sheild                 
Motto: N/A

The Archon’s Shield is an elite unit of individuals hand-picked by Jasek
himself. Though Jasek speaks of returning to Steiner rule, the name of this
unit could mean either returning to the rule of the Archon on Tharkad or
returning to his own rule; he’s left it deliberately vague.

Though many in the Archon’s Shield come from the Republic Skye Militia that
Jasek commanded, quite a few come from other units, and some simply do not
have histories. In fact, the majority of the militia Jasek originally commanded
now constitutes the Lyran Rangers. That Jasek apparently did not trust most
of the Republic militia who followed him has bred hard feelings toward the
Archon’s Shield, as well as to Jasek himself.
The reason Jasek didn’t designate the Shield as his veteran unit is that
several Archon’s Shield members are Lohengrin agents from the Lyran
Commonwealth. The presence of these elite Steiner antiterrorist troops—who
are trained in almost every form of combat as well as espionage—not only
explains the cohesive unity of Archon’s Shield after so short a time, but also
shows a strong, clandestine support for the Stormhammers by the Archon

         Veteran Unit: Lyran Rangers   
Motto: “Why use a small ’Mech when a bigger one will do?”

Following the formation of The Republic and the slow decommissioning of
military units within its borders, the Fourth Skye Rangers—the only Skye unit
to survive the twin blood baths of the FedCom Civil War and the Jihad that
followed—was kept on active duty and became the Republic Skye Militia.
Though Jasek earned their loyalty and respect as their commander, when the
blackout descended and he eventually split with his father, only some of the
unit followed his lead; centuries of conditioning could not be swept away in
only two generations, and most felt they still owed their loyalty to the current
Duke of Skye.

With those soldiers at the core of the Lyran Rangers, other descendents from
the lost Seventeenth and Twenty-Seventh Skye Rangers stepped forward,
offering their enthusiasm and passion—even if sometimes lacking in expertise.
Though the unit has shown a marked improvement, there are still two major
flaws with which Jasek will have to contend. First and foremost is his treatment
of these soldiers; he didn’t create his elite core unit around the Rangers.
Second is their own turmoil. Loyal to the Duke of Skye more often than the
Archon even when a part of the Lyran Commonwealth, some within the Lyran
Rangers doubt their own commitment to the Landgrave and his bold new

     Green Unit: Tharkan Strikers
     Motto: “Wolves strike without mercy.”

The Tharkan Strikers exist because of the supreme will of a single woman:
Alexia Wolf. Though it would seem contradictory for a Wolf warrior to be
leading what is in effect a House unit, Alexia does not hail from any Clan Wolf
enclave in The Republic, or even from Clan Wolf itself. Instead, Alexia is a
freeborn warrior raised in Clan Wolf (in-Exile).

During the catastrophic Refusal War between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon
in 3058, under the orders of then-Khan Ulric Kerensky a small holistic slice of
Clan Wolf fled to House Steiner. There they defended the Inner Sphere,
convinced that the Clans had become the enemy. Seventy-five years later,
Clan Wolf (in-Exile) has mostly integrated with the Lyran people, still
maintaining their culture and guarding against Clan predations along House
Steiner’s border.

Though Alexia is a freeborn, she was raised a warrior—but she failed her Trial
of Position. Ashamed, she left her Clan on a self-imposed exile and finally
found herself in The Republic at the fall of the HPG grid. Raised to protect
House Steiner, she was drawn to Jasek’s charismatic call for a return to Lyran
rule. Jasek immediately saw Alexia’s potential and put her obvious warrior skills
and passion to good use, letting her whip into shape the glut of new recruits
flocking to Jasek’s banner. In addition, Jasek and Alexia have begun a secret
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