Leader: Galaxy Commander Kev Rosse
    QUOTE: “When I look into the fire, I become flame to destroy

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Galaxy Commander Kev Rosse is a senator of the Republic, but in his heart he
has always been a Nova Cat. As the darkness of interstellar silence fell, he
declared that only one thing matters: the Nova Cat must be preserved. The
Nova Cat Clan has always been capable of transforming itself to ensure
survival, as when his ancestors joined the Republic, but Rosse actually wants
to lead his local Clan members back to a “purer” form of Cat.

Though he is torn by his loyalties to both the Republic and House Kurita,
where the rest of the Nova Cats reside, he has announced that a vision has
shown him neither of those Paths will allow his warriors to survive. Instead,
they must separate themselves from what the Nova Cats have become —
hence the Spirit Cats name — and draw closer to what the Nova Cats once
were. He argued that this means making no alliances with or joining Inner
Sphere governments.

Furthermore, he has stated, his vision has shown him a place they must find to
secure the survival and independence of his Clan. If that requires that he
sunder all previous allegiances, then so be it. He is convinced that through his
visions and leadership, he will guide the Nova Cats down the path to survival.

Military Details:

      Elite Unit: Shiva Keshik
      Motto: “Through death, regeneration and victory.”

The Shiva Keshik is the heart and soul of the Spirit Cats and is descended
from the Nova Cats’ Delta Galaxy. With the Nova Cats’ close ties to the Star
League and ComStar, and their division with their brethren (most Clans
consider them anathema), they were the first Clan to answer Devlin Stone’s
call to arms to drive off the Blakists. Led by saKhan Karl Devalis himself, Delta
Galaxy racked up a string of victories and was instrumental in demonstrating
that eliminating the Word of Blake menace required a unified front from every
faction in the Inner Sphere.

At the time the Republic was formed, when various parts of Stone’s coalition
force were returning to their former masters, saKhan Devalis announced he
had had a vision that the remnants of the Delta Galaxy should become part of
the Republic. It is a testament to the Nova Cats’ dedication to their visions that
not a single warrior left. Furthermore, on the command of Khan Santin West, a
small delegation from Clan Nova Cat was sent to join them to ensure that they
would maintain their ways and customs while embracing the future.

This attitude of “embracing the future” has remained at the heart of the Shiva
Keshik. During the time of peace, the Shiva Keshik fanatically studied the
exploits of every Inner Sphere unit, analyzing and emulating their tactics and
training regimens. As Galaxy Commander Kev Rosse attempts to make his
Nova Cats strong again, they stand ever by his side.

      Veteran Unit: Purifiers
      Motto: "Our Spirit Is Our Strength."

Even among the Spirit Cats’ mystic warriors, whose habit of following their
visions makes them completely unpredictable, the Purifiers stand out as the
extreme example. The men and women of this unit regularly engage in full-
body tattooing, body piercing and other ritualistic traditions to send them into
trances that they stay in even during battle. They are dedicated to purifying
themselves of all outside influences, which will enable them to achieve the
ultimate warrior state.

On the few occasions when their machines — ’Mechs, vehicles or battle armor
— are painted for parade, they reflect their warriors’ colorful skin art, painted
in neon colors and covered with ancient glyphs. The Purifiers believe that such
symbols and colors form a mystic barrier that will protect them in combat even
after they change back to standard camouflage. These paint schemes and
wildly erratic behavior can seriously unnerve the enemy.

Though the Spirit Cats have always been a close-knit Clan and all warriors
practice mysticism at some level, the Purifiers have at times been at odds with
their more pragmatic brethren in Omicron.

      Green Unit: Omicron
      Motto: "A Vision Is Good, but A PPC Is Better."

The men and women of Omicron stand out in the Spirit Cats, as they tend to
be more pragmatic than their fellow warriors. Still spiritual — although
compared with the Purifiers they are almost atheists — they believe that action
is demanded as much as visions.

This has put them at odds with the Purifiers — who look on them with pity or
open hostility — and it has created a strange dichotomy within the Clan.
Individually, this dedication to action has made them some of the finest
warriors in the Spirit Cats outside the Shiva Keshik. But because their views
are so different from the norm, they receive the lowest priority for training and
new equipment.

It is a testament to their dedication and loyalty that despite such handicaps
and disdain from their fellow warriors, they are still a vital element of the Spirit
Cat Touman (military force).
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