Leader: Jonah Levin (3134 - Present)
            The Republic of the Sphere - Usually shortened to the                          
             Republic - was formed by Devlin Stone following the final defeat of the
Word of Blake forces.  Forming a huge coalition force, including tens of
thousands of ordinary citizens loyal to him and his ideals, he convinced the
House leaders to aid him in forming a new realm, taking control of all planets
within 120 light-years of Terra.
Devlin Stone believed that the key to erasing the cultural differences that had
led to centuries of war was to mix the populations on the worlds of his new
Republic.  He was fully aware, however, that the mass deportation and
importation of people on a planetary scale was impossible.  Nevertheless, he
put in place programs that established financial and political incentives for
people to relocate to new planets.  This caused a small but significant level of
population redistribution through the Republic.
With the factories of war quickly retooled for peacetime market, the Republic's
economy boomed.  As popular discontent surged in the territories of various
Houses and Clans, leaders were forced to follow Stone's example, paring down
their militaries in an effort to match the Republic's prosperity and appease the
masses.  This led to a golden age of peace and prosperity, when an entire
generation grew up not knowing war.

      Through the Knights of the Sphere, the Exarch exerts his influence
      across the entire Republic.  Records DA-603-01, DA-603-02 and
      DA-603-03 contain more information about the hierarchy of the
      Knights of the Sphere.

      The Knights expect Knights-Errant to accomplish any mission they are
      assigned; they rarely return to Terra, the seat of the Knights of the
      Sphere.  Each Knight maintains significant contacts on his homeworld,
      giving the KNights of the Sphere an extended reach across the  
      Republic.  These contacts are invaluable for helping to maintain peace      
       and order, and for gathering information on the state of the Republic.

      Once a Knight-Errant has proved his worth, a Paladin may sponsor him
      for a more supervisory, central role in the knightly organization.
      Selection happens in one of two ways:  the candidate may undergo a
      series of grueling tests to prove his skills and honor, or the candidate
      may perform a service in the field so remarkable that a promotion may be
conferred.  The latter case is a rare happenstance, and usually occurs in
extreme circumstances.  The Knights are the backbone of the Federal police
force, and with the backing of the entire REpublic, their presence can usually
quell any political or military unrest.

      The Exarch selects Paladins from the Knights of the Sphere to
      represent the epitome of knighthood.  Candidates must prove their
      undying loyalty to the Republic - though not necessarily to the current
      Exarch - and they must be above reproach.  Additionally, they must
      undergo a series of intense military and psychological tests.  Once
chosen, Paladins act as advisors to the Exarch and leaders to the Knights;
because future Exarchs are chosen from their number, wisdom and
forthrightness are not only virtues but requirements.  Given the prestige,
honor and power he wields, a Paladin's presence generally resolves almost
any conflict in his favor.

           The Exarch is the leader and head of the Republic.  A Paladin, once
  .        chosen to be the Exarch, serves until he steps down or is killed.  He is
       .   viewed as the living embodiment of the Republic.

Military Details:
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